Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where has Liz Been?

Hi, wonder if I have any blog readers out there any more....(please chime in if you are still around??)

First of apologies to all for going MIA for so long.  I've struggled with figuring out where to start again when so much has happened, and my serious lack of time just led me to not writing anything. 

So rather than doing a "recap" of the last few years, I'll just start in from now and hopefully I can start blogging regularly again.

My little former Micro Preemie is Skiing!  And she's skiing Black Diamond runs!

Here is a link to 2 recent videos of her skiing at Alpine Meadows .

and another one:

I just had Kaitlyn's 7 year old check up (yes she is 7.5 but who's counting) and i was hit with a lot of emotions as the two of us walked in hand-in-hand (albeit terrified she was going to get a shot, she gets a bit OCD of fears), thankfully, as we've already passed flu season (and had the flu in the fall) no shots, so she was all smiles after the nurse took her stats.

44 pounds and 47".  Wow. 

The entire "physical" was more of the doctor asking Kaitlyn about behavior type issues, do you wear your helmet, do you help do chores around the house, etc.  Wow.  We have come a LONG LONG way. 

In winter years past we still spent many times at the docs due to all of her lung issues, many times doing breathing treatments, and if you can believe it, Not one time this winter!  oh my!  amazing!

She eats like a champ.  she loves sushi and will always try new foods.  This from my little one who had a feeding tube until she was 4 years old. 

Yes (remember I said I'm not going to recap the last few years) she has been diagnosed with ADHD.  Yes, she can be really hard to parent at times when she gets the "sillys" as we call them.  Yes it's very very frustrating. esp when I compare her to other children and notice that she is definitely "different".  Team sports can be very difficult.  Basketball, oh my.  so very frustrating.  Hard to see her get the medal at the end of the season and have her be so bummed out that she said to me she didn't deserve the medal.  So sad when she was so excited going into it.  That's on me.  I feel terrible. Both of us try so hard to get her to try to pay attention, to understand the game.   she is playing with other girls her same age (or a year older) and they are soooo much more advanced than she is.   I wish I didn't get so frustrated when she is flighting about the court.

I cry all the time at sappy kid things.  I still have so many flashbacks when Kaitlyn is up on stage or something like that. I think of so many things:  Of not being a mom.  Of loosing her sister.  Of how sick she was. of not knowing what type of life she'd have.  Look at her now!  she is AMAZING!  and then the tears friends expect it now from me, oh liz is crying again! 

  Quinn is 4.5 years old, he's an emotiaitonal little guy, but boy is he darn cute (and he knows it too!) Life is good,  crazy busy... We all have our health.  We've come a long way since 2005 when my story started on July 26 when my water broke.  (a date routed in my memory FOREVER). 

Short and sweet, but at least it's a post!