Sunday, October 31, 2010

Uncle Gary Get's Hitched

My "little brother" got married on October 16th!
I was the "Best Woman" for the wedding and Kaitlyn was the flower girl!
Here are a few pictures from the big day:

The morning of the wedding, Gary (as a former professional runner) had "The First Non-Annual Pre Wedding Day 5 K" It was too much fun!
As the Official "Best Woman" giving my speach to the happy couple!
Uncle Gary and Kaitlyn, wearing her run T-shirt!
Mom and kids after the ceremony

The McCarthy's!!

Kaitlyn as the flower girl checking in with mom

Kaitlyn getting her hair done before the ceremony

Kaitlyn's 5th birthday

I wish I could say that Kaitlyn's party came off without a hitch, but no unfortunately, that wasn't to be the case.

I stupidly put the lighter in my pocket as I was carrying out the cake to Kaitlyn during her Happy Birthday song, and promptly the cake slid right off the tray and crashed on the ground. It was horrible, probably didn't help that I was tearing up anyways as I was singing, feeling very emotional for my girls 5th birthday - even more than in the past few years. I don't know why, maybe 5 is a anniversary type number or something...I was really missing Corinne and all that - I wish Corinne had lived one more day so that the 4th wasn't both the girls birthday and Corinne's day of passing.

Later I was able to laugh about the cake, but still was emotionally about the whole birthday thing. I think some attendees thought I was overly upset about the cake sliding...I was bummed, but mainly because I had Corinne's name on the corner of the cake, and I wanted to say something about both of them after the song was sung...I think that's what I was sad over.. I hope that someday birthdays will be easier and less emotional for me. That day wasn't a good day...October 4th...sigh.

Well, here is the cake slide on video! You don't see it in the video, but afterwards I promptly went in the house and sobbed.

Well, life has been an extra whirlwind lately, I've gone on 4 trips (1 more to come): My cousin married in Michigan (my home state), I attended a WCR real estate conference in Anaheim (I left on the day of Kaitlyn's birthday party), My brother got married in Camarillo, CA, I was invited to attend a Parent Preemie Summit in Atlanta, and I leave next Tuesday for another real estate conference - in New Orleans (my last official trip as President of Marin Women Council of Realtors). Phew. I've also been very busy with work, Kaitlyn has been sick for 3 weeks straight, she got better, then both she and her brother just got sick again in time for Halloween. Wow, it's been crazy!

Happy Halloween to everyone!