Sunday, December 12, 2010

Twins...Tears..and the Nutcracker

Today I sent this email to my friends in my local SF Bay Area Twinless Twin Support Group:

Hi Everyone, I’m so sorry for having been so absent the last year, where has the time gone…I had way too much on my plate.

But a number of things have made me realize how much I miss the support from all of you, and would love to try to plan a dinner date for after the holidays.

1. I know how hard the holidays are for everyone..I know how sad I feel and wanted to reach out to all of you in support.

2. Kaitlyn turned 5 year this and I absolutely LOST it at her birthday party, much worse than for her prior birthdays…I had to leave the room as I was sobbing.

3. I took her to the Nutcracker last night and lost it there too…Kaitlyn watched enthralled, sittinng on my lap as tears were streaming down my face for the first 30 minutes of the ballet – will this ever stop…tears for being so happy that Kaitlyn and I were at the nutcracker, tears that I'm a mother, tears for the fact that Kaitlyn was still with me after all she's been through, tears for missing her sister, tears for oh I don’t know, I couldn’t stop them…

4. Today was the annual candle lighting world wide ceremony at 7pm…for the compassionate friends Network..where you are to light a candle in memory of children who have passed too soon.

5. Not sure if you heard on the news, but a few days ago an 18 month old twin fell into a fountain in SF, and I just heard the twin passed away. I'm just heart broken for this family, as I know a bit of what their future will feel like....

My love, thoughts, compassion and prayers go out to all of your during the holiday season..

...and to all of my blog readers who have been through loss or hardship during this holiday season...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa 2010

Well, it was a VERY expensive trip to Santa this year!!!!

After a bit of a hectic Santa picture, mom lost her camera...

Mom is VERY bummed out. I actually think someone grabbed it in the hecticness (probably not a word but I like it anyways)...

So the $35.00 fee to the Santa company is now well over $300 if I have to replace my camera..
UPDATE - YEAH I found it! It was tucked into the canopy of my stroller - probably the only place I didn't look a million very happy!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Tube fed toddler makes the news - Today Show

I'm always happy to hear when the mainstream media picks up stories that are close to my heart...

Here is a story about a tube fed little boy and the Graz feeding clinic in Austria (where friends of mine have actually gone).

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