Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We have peepee in the potty!

Today was a momentous occasion- Kaitlyn peepeed in the potty! Boy, it's amazing what I find exciting! Welcome to motherhood! I guess I still am a first time mom who finds peepee thrilling! Just one time this morning, but it's a start!

Wow, my little former 1.5 pound baby is growing up!

Halloween 2007. My friend Lisa and I spoke before Halloween and discovered that all of our kiddos were going to be ducks for Halloween. She decide to bring her "gaggle" (not sure what a group of ducks is called) to our house. Lisa has 2 sets of twins! Yes, count them - 4 little duckees! I met Lisa due to one of her Duckies severe feeding issues.
Mom, Dad and our little duck!

As promised Kaitlyn's ABC's!

Friday, November 02, 2007

We have a genius!

OK, is this freakish? (I've heard it's very early to learn), but Kaitlyn knows almost all of the letters of the alphabet!

I captured a video of it today, will try to post over the weekend. It's too cute!

She knows almost all of the letters and that's at age 22 months adjusted. (not even 2 years old yet)