Monday, January 28, 2008

A big announcement

Well, the McCarthy's have a big announcement to make. The main reason I haven't been blogging much lately is that I have been a little busy as of late! We are expecting another baby into our family!~

Yes, we did IVF again and it worked!!!

A singleton this time.

I guess it's "early" to announce it, but I figure I'm feeling very positive and good vibes and prayers will only help! I am 9weeks 5 days and am not feeling all that well. We had our 3rd ultra sound today, and here is the picture of our little peanut!
This is a moment I've been dreaming about since the second my first born daughter passed away in my arms. No baby can replace my angel, but I've just felt I was destined to have 2 children.
When I found out I wasn't having twins I was quite mournful, as I felt also that I was supposed to be a mother of twins, while at the same time I was relieved. This must be a hard thing for some to understand my emotions on this....I was terrified of the decision of how many embryos to transfer, as I want more than ANYTHING to carry a baby to term, and the risk of having twins is so much more than I ever knew. I know too much now. After 4 months in the NICU and seeing multiples after multiples arrive dream for a full-term "healthy" delivery and baby outwon what I've missed by not having the twins I was supposed to have.

My due date is 8/27/08.

We are esctatic!
ultra sound from 1.28.08
9weeks 4 days

The 2 beautiful embroys we transfered. It could have been twins again....

IVF sounds sort of non-chalant right? I thought this might make it all a bit more "real" for what I just went through. These are the drugs that I injected into myself. This isn't any of the used needles, nor the bottles that were for multiple days. I had meant to take a picture of all the drugs and needles before I used them but forgot to do so. Crazy. Crazy. Crazy! I'm still on Progesterine actually. I was luckily able to switch from the 2.5 inch needle nighly butt injections a few weeks ago, I was hardly able to walk and I had to have my incredibly nice neighbor give me the shots when Brian was out of town or at work! I did that for 8 weeks! in Addtional to the daily injections I had for 3 weeks before that. Doctor visits, surgery. IVF is a very big deal, it's very stressful, very expensive and a huge emotional roller-coaster. We are very lucky it worked again for us.

Kaitlyns First Haircut

You can really hear Katilyn's quiet voice from her paralyzed vocal chords in this video! It's a cute one!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

a Great post on catching up...

Here is a link to a post from a blogger friend of mine on the subject of my previous post... Well said B!

Link to topic on "still a preemie?"

Friday, January 04, 2008

Today is Kaitlyn's and Corinnes REAL 2nd birthday

Today, January 4th was my original due date and the date that my girls should have been born if they were full-term. This is the date that all evaluations are made on Kaitlyn's progress, as gestationally, she is 2 years old today and not 13 weeks ago which was her chronological birthday.

A month ago someone told my husband and I that it was so great Kaitlyn was 2 and was just fine. My husband said, well, she's really not 2 yet and she does still have issues. This person said that she's no longer a preemie and to forget about all that adjusted age stuff. preemies catch up by age 2.

I'm still reeling from this comment. Forget about it? Age 2! I've heard some of my micro-preemie moms say that they've heard that for every month the child is in the NICU that's how many years they should be given to catch up. Many times it's well past the due date that they are released, and that means that the child was extra sick and they have more catching up to do. If that's the case, Kaitlyn still has 2 more years of "catching up" to do. Pretend that she's "normal"... (as I'm cleaning up vomit and working a tiny bit of pea puree into her mouth hoping and praying she'll keep it down). What is "normal" anyway?
I've been feeling a bit down. Maybe it has to do with the fact that my house is freezing, we've had the worst rain storm today, I haven't left the house in 2 (or has it been 3) days? Don't they call this SAD (Season Disorder)?

Anyways, Happy birthday Kaitlyn and Corinne!

A family walk on New Years Day

Thank you Auntie Lynn for this great outfit for Christmas! It fits perfectly!

Mac & Cheese

This is an exciting movie, but keep in mind that she is NOT chewing what-s0-ever. It was the first time she ate anything besides a puree and asked for more! That's exciting. I also didn't get the huge vomit a few minutes afterwards when we switched back to peas, and just the little pea skin made her gag and loose everything that she just ate.

But, none-the-less this is a very exciting video, sorry about my dorky editing.