Friday, June 22, 2007

super busy

Sorry for the long time with no posts, I've been SWAMPED at work..I promise to write more soon. Here is Kaitlyn and dad out in the outfield at AT&T Park (San Francisco Giants). Our good friend Anne got us tickets for the family picnic day! What fun!

It's the "spring" season for real estate, so I've been very busy (a good thing) I've also been battling with my insurance company to try to get Kaitlyn's feeding therapy covered that starts next month.
Kaitlyn is still vomiting (about 1x every 2 days), she's very, very active and doesn't like to sit still for very long, and is still refusing to eat.


Anna said...

Love the ticklish video! And gorgeous pics!

Kristin said...

Glad to hear that work is keeping you busy Liz. And glad to hear that you got Miss K into the feeding clinic!

skeybunny said...

Hi Liz,

Kaitlyn looks great!

I wish you luck in getting coverage for the feeding clinic. I am always amazed how insurance will pay for formula, feeding tubes, bags, pumps, etc with minimal fuss, but when you want them to cover something that potentially could be the end of the other expenses, they throw a big fit and refuse to pay!

I wanted to share that I went to the blenderized diet workshop last weekend in Everett. It was great meeting Lesley and networking with other moms with similar feeding issues. I was also able to visit the clinic of the therapist who organized the workshop--Lorioux Loup. It's called Toft House, and she does an intensive 2 week rapid wean--you live at the house (which is an actual house) and prepare all the meals and snacks for the child there and she works with you. I met one of her clients who is 3 now. He had horrible reflux that improved on the BD, but still had lots of oral eating issues (would gag at the smell of food or even if a dry spoon came close to his mouth). He went through the rapid wean last July, and is now 100% oral--he had his g-tube removed about 6 months ago.

If you are at all interested in more info about this, please email me.

Sarah (mom to Evan, 2 next month, CHARGE Syndrome, g-tube)

hallegracesmama said...

Hey Liz. I'm glad work has picked up for you lately! I am anxious to hear more updates about K's feeding progress/new clinic when you get a chance!

Jenny said...


Same with Halle's mom....I am so happy to hear you are having lots of houses to sell!

That's so good to hear that Kaitlyn isn't vomiting as muc has she used to! Nice job! :) Blenderized diet was what she needed! Won't be long now until the vomiting is a thing of the past!

Laura said...

fingers crossed that the market picks up for you and my darling husband.
now in your spare time (lol) i tagged you with a meme to complete.

miraclebaby said...

she's growing up! I love the last video:)