Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh the life of a Micro Preemie Mom

Here's my evening recap:

5:00 oral feed - feed horrible pghlemgy vomit with her feed

7:00 oral feed- miracle of miracles no vomit

7:30 bath

8:00 bed, crying

8:10 go in room, attach feeding tube –quiet her down, but still crying once I leave the room

-Continued lots of crying...Go in every 5 minutes or so to comfort (this is abnormal for K to cry when going to bed)

I started then just saying nighty-night at her door

-About 8:40 her crying hadn't let up - not normal - so I went in and was immediately assaulted by the smell of stomach acid

-Her tube had come open and emptied the contents of her stomach onto the bed - hence the crying. I felt terrible! (not the first time this has happened, but it’s horrible!)

-Cleaned bed, changed sheets, changed pj's Gave her 2 ounces of water via tube, as I'm sure she was starving

-Rocked her for a while (normally she hates this)

-Put her back in bed, lots of crying still

-Gave her 2 ounces of food via tube, held her again, and she proceeded to erupt and vomit all over me, her clothes, the chair I was sitting in the carpet…

-Take off my shirt, (I'm covered in vomit), use my shirt to wipe her up, as it's everywhere...change her pjs (again) and try once again to put her down.

-This time she curled right up and went to sleep

Now it's time to start tube feeding her for the next few hours….

Oh the life of being a micro preemie mom.

Here's a few pictures from tonight:

Crying picture - oh it tears your heart out!

Some vomit that I caught (in the puke bucket (K's old NICU bath-tub that we always keep handy), some that I didn't, all the vomit on me and Kaitlyn isn't in the picture and old vomit stains on the carpet (to think I was just about to clean the carpet again - why bother?)

Finally, tube back attached, my little darling is curled up ready for sleep.

Some more pictures for you:
Kaitlyn having fun out at the Ultimate Frisbee Field.

My little Frisbee player is taking after mom (for blog readers who don't know me, I am a World Champion Ultimate Frisbee player, back in my "youth")

I got to play in an ultimate Frisbee tournament on my birthday! This pictures is on mom's 41st birthday. I guess if i can still play ultimate (a very strenuous running game) on my 41st birthday I'm not too old!)
This was after we lost in the finals...Kaitlyn was happy that mom was off the field again.

Kaitlyn's Physical Therapist (PT) Susan. Kaitlyn loves bouncing on the ball with Susan.

Am I crazy? I decided to "torture" myself and attend our local twins summer picnic. Torture, because it still is hard for me to see twins...and this was a lot of twins. A WHOLE lot of twins. Everyone has been so wonderful to me and everyone really wanted to see Kaitlyn so the 2 of us went. We had a nice time. It was great to see a lot of our friends that we first met when I was on bed-rest at the beginning of my saga. Can you see the syringes sticking out of my purse? thank you Lisa B (mom of 2 sets of twins) for Kaitlyn's great dress.

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skeybunny said...

Question about Kaitlyn's glasses (they are so cute on her): Does she have any problems with the lenses being too close to her eyelashes? I just got a similar pair for Evan (the second pair of glasses in less than a glad I am in the eye business so not paying full price), and he won't keep them on because they are pushing on his eyelashes. I've tried bending the lenses outward, putting a little foam sticky pad on the bridge to bring it out further--not working. Did the frames pretty much fit her from the beginning, or did they have to be adjusted?

Sarah (mom to Evan)