Friday, November 02, 2007

We have a genius!

OK, is this freakish? (I've heard it's very early to learn), but Kaitlyn knows almost all of the letters of the alphabet!

I captured a video of it today, will try to post over the weekend. It's too cute!

She knows almost all of the letters and that's at age 22 months adjusted. (not even 2 years old yet)



Sheri said...

Thats Amazing!!! Sammy is 21 months and we just want him to say anything:)! We haven't really even attempted letters yet....I suppose we could do it like everything else and say which one is the "a" etc....Just didn't think of that yet:) sooooo many other things to work on-

Good for her though!! YOU deserve to be ahead of the game on something!!!! WHOO HOO!

Mir said...

I think every child is different, but it sounds like Kaitlyn is a very smart little lady!!

Ian, who turned 2 a week before Kaitlyn, could count to 10 at 19 months, and to 25 at 2 (and 10 in Spanish). He also knows almost every shape you can think of (including trapezoid and rectangle), and a handful of letters.

But? He doesn't know a single color, won't sit on the potty or hold a fork, and just gave up the bottle at 21 months. :-)

Sarah said...

She's one smart cookie!

Stacy said...

What wonderful news! Liz, I remember when you were waiting to hear Kaitlyn talk...I'm so glad she's doing well. Praying on the feeding front - I know it's frustratning for you guys.

Jenny said...

YAY LIZ!!! Woo hoo this is awesome news! Way to go Kaiti and Liz you are such a good mom to her!

Laura said...

wtg kaitlyn!

Jenny said...

Can't wait to see the video this is awesome news!! :)