Friday, January 04, 2008

Mac & Cheese

This is an exciting movie, but keep in mind that she is NOT chewing what-s0-ever. It was the first time she ate anything besides a puree and asked for more! That's exciting. I also didn't get the huge vomit a few minutes afterwards when we switched back to peas, and just the little pea skin made her gag and loose everything that she just ate.

But, none-the-less this is a very exciting video, sorry about my dorky editing.


Anonymous said...

liz-- not sure if dr. past gave recs on the type of pasta, but ditalini or shells works better for us in terms of gagging than elbow. good luck!

Cora said...

Liz!!!! I just watched your daughter eat real food! Just think back to about a year ago....did you ever think that you'd see this day? Such a wonderful day for you and Kaitlyn.

The Krumwiede Six said...

If it makes you 'feel' better I have no feeding issues and gag when I eat peas ;)

Congratulations on this milestone!! We couldn't be happier for you!!
The Krumwiedes

Billie said...

Holy Smokes!!! That was awesome! I can't believe how well she did with the mac and cheese. Really, I don't know if Eden has ever even finished a whole bowl of anything without help and a great deal of coaxing and encouragement before. Way to go Kaitlyn!

FWIW, peas make me gag too! My mom has told the story several times...she would mix pureed peas with my other food to try to get me to eat them, and I would roll it around in my mouth swallowing everything else, then spit the peas down my chin:)

Trisha said...

AMAZING!! Way to go Kaitlyn! How wonderful for you, Liz! I am so proud of you guys for keeping at it! What an inspiration to those of us with kids who have feeding issues. Keep up the great work! On a side note, Caleb is the same way when I switch from "solid" food to purees during the same meal. It's an automatic vomit, no matter how smooth the puree is. Not sure why, maybe the different textures is confusing to them? Anyway, congrats on her latest milestone. She is so adorable!

Alisa said...

Hi Liz,

I emailed you a while back about my daughter's eating issues. Her name is Ava Parker and we are the ones that had to buy the shower curtain liner for her to sit on for easier clean up when she was a baby! Thought that might trigger your memory re: my email.

Anyway, we did the same thing. She wouldn't eat baby food stages 1,2 or 3 so we decided to give up on puree's and went to "big food". That's when we really turned a corner. She enjoyed mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, mac and cheese, etc... sooo much that we kept going from there.

Goodluck! I hope she sticks with it!

Alisa Parker,

Alisa said...

I joined the group. Thank you for starting such a great resource for mom's who have been affected by prematurity in some shape or form.

It's the only place I feel normal at times~

I love watching Kaitlyn grow. You do such a good job parenting her.

We have one more eye surgery for Ava and it might be this year and she'll be in glasses right after. As usual, I'm nervous for it already even though it's not scheduled yet!!

Take care!!

Naomi McIntosh said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting about your daughter because I have a son with feeding issues as well and I was looking for some hope and directions and your videos were very moving. Thank you