Thursday, February 21, 2008


Be sure to read the next text post, but here are a lot of pictures from our recent adventures:

A day on the beach in February in Marin County

Kaitlyn playing with sticks on the beach

Kaitlyn pondering her future
Check out my new big girl glasses!
My mom Corinne feeding Katilyn rice!
A giggle from Miss Katilyn

Feeding Katilyn on top of Angel Island after a long hike (3 miles) carrying way too much stuff with Grandma Mame (Brian's mom) in the back-ground
Mom feeding Katilyn fork mashed beans
Just finished the Kiwi fruit (green bowl)
Grandpa Gille (Brian's Dad)Our little hiker!Dad carrying Katilyn
Our tuckered out hiker!

Beautiful views of Marin County (where we live and I sell Marin County Real Estate) from Angel Island. You have to take a ferry (Kaitlyn's first boat ride) to the island. There are no cars, just hiking. Look at that trail down below us.
Golden Gate Bridge view
San Francisco, (or Cisco as Kaitlyn calls it) , the Bay Brdige and Alcatraz in the back-ground

Dad, Katilyn and Grandpa Gille on our Beautiful hike

After a long days hike (what a big girl she is looking!)


Kristina said...

Thanks for all the recent updates! And CONGRATS!!!! on your pregnancy. As it happens, I just discovered I'm pregnant, too. We're a little nervous, since we don't know what caused my PROM, but we just as excited as can be!

I look forward to reading more about Kaitlyn's wonderful progress, and about the baby.


Sarah said...

A cautious congrats on the pregnancy, and HUGE congrats on what looks like progress in feeding! We've finally narrowed down what caused my daughters feeding issues - a huge heart defect, heart failure, multiple heart attacks. None of this diagnosed before 11.5 months. Now to start the very long process of feeding therapy!

Laura said...

oh my gosh when did she become such a big girl!
it looks like it was a great day to be hiking.
i am heartened by your pregnancy update too. you are on my list of preggos i am praying for...of course my darling daughter #1 is at the top of that list. :) your US pics were amazing. we go for US #3 on tuesday for my daughter and if the little darling cooperates we should know if our coming attraction is a girl or a boy. in the meantime, she is taking it very easy as we had a ptl scare this past week at just barely 23 weeks. yes the nicurnmama was FREAKING OUT!
take it easy and stay warm and dry today. i know we will be.