Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Deep breaths

A funny video of Kaitlyn a month ago practicing some "deep breathing" I think she got that from watching a Dora video or something. You'll also hear some of her quiet talking as well as some seriously bad eating behavior (trying to work on Katilyn feeding herself (which we know she can do as seen by a prior video). Once we get back to "our feeding her" she shapes back up to her post Feeding Therapy behavior.

She's sick in this video, but her cough at the end is very typical as to what we hear all the time (with feeding) when she's not sick.

It made me giggle. Enjoy!


mommycupcake said...

Oh, my gosh! This is just like Saul's eating! The hand pushing, the refusal, the wandering attention, etc, etc. But the couple bites she takes toward the end are fabulous, made me want to cry.

It's amazing to me how similar our kids are in their eating.

Take care,
Sara in San Jose

Shannon and Carey said...

Ok first of all I LOVE this video. Kaitlyn is one smart little cookie I tell ya. Her vocabulary is amazing. She is soooo sweet and the video made me laugh.
See ya later alligator!
-Shannon in Austin