Monday, July 13, 2009

Corn on the cob!!

I can honestly say I NEVER thought I'd see my little g-tube fed vomiter voraciously eat 2 1/2 ears of corn! After the first, she couldn't get enough and wanted another one.

I took a video to capture the moment. Hopefully I can get around to processing the video. It's AMAZING!!


Sorry for the absence from blogging, just returned from a 10 day trip to Western New York with the in laws and aunt/uncle/cousins! We had a wonderful time and got to see Sesame Street Live!

Just trying to get caught up, will promise to post pictures and more soon!



BusyLizzyMom said...

Elizabeth ate her first corn on the cob yesterday as well. It took a lot of prompting as it really is a multi-sensory experience. but at 4.5 years I told her no more of Mommy cutting up your corn.
Way to go Kaitlyn, I totally know how happy your parents are are at your new feat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

Glad to hear about Kaitlyn.I want to ask you one thing because you are so knowledgeable!Can the kid who has hundreds of vocabularies but struggling with pragmatic language be benefited by ABA therapy in school?
She goes to one program where there are only 3 kids with developmental delays(they just started) and 2 kids cry all the time because they have no language at all and they get therapy one on one in the small room.She is only three and the 2 boys are two and two and half.I just want to know which setting is good for her.Is it good environment for learning where there is so much noise and the kids are totally unable to talk.Please give your opinion.She will get ABA but learning would be so hard!Is ABA good for teaching pragmatic language?

Anonymous said...

Great job Kaitlyn....and great job Mom and Dad!!!!!! Liz I read your blog about that woman making comments, and she was totally out of line!! This is your blog with your opinions and feelings, how can that be wrong and criticized?! Anyway, just wanted to make sure you were OK. Also, you brought Kaitly caming with us when she was little in Mendo. She wore that FF suit. So, you were there for her 1st camping trip ;-) Take care and hope to see you soon!! Kel

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention, that I know it's because of all of your research that Kaitlyn is doing so well. Kaitlyn was great in Mendo, she played with the kids, she listened to the Moms, she tried all the foods we offered her and seemed to have a good time....what more could anyone ask for? Hope you all can go next year!! Kel