Saturday, January 30, 2010

sorry sorry sorry

I really do want to post, i never go to bed before midnight any more...I promise to update soon! Thanks to my loyal readers, life is just a bit hectic (guess that's just going to be the case, and I should accept it!)

Good news is kids have both been healthy since Thanksgiving! Wow, that's a first (well I got the horrible stomach flu, and Quinn did get it as well as Dad, but Dad and I were MUCH sicker than the little guy!)

Best to check in on my via facebook, I do update little updates there!

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Niki said...

I spent the better part of today reading this, and I thank you.

I don't have a preemie as of yet, but the way this pregnancy is going (26w+2, contractions, dilated) I think my daughter will be born early.

You were honest and gave me an idea of what I might expect. I knew nothing about many of the things you blogged about or of the challenges you have. Most places have said something along the lines of 'developmental delays are possible'. This has been a great resource and I will attempt to keep reading.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

No wonder you don't post anymore. You only posted when you were down so now you are having such a wonderful time with your kids and you have perfect life with normal motherhood who is going to waste time writing about blog?
Good luck!