Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Svetlana Masgutova Method

I mentioned this over a year ago, but wanted to post again about the Alternative Therapy that we have been doing with Kaitlyn.

After our Christmas melt-downs both Brian and I felt immediately that we needed to call in our expert, "Bou" as Kaitlyn calls her.

After treating Kaitlyn now for a number of weeks again, Kaitlyn has started dressing herself completely (she still needed help to get dressed) and is showing an independent streak that's never been there before. She's been much more calm, and to be honest, we haven't had any serious melt-downs now for at least a month.

Boutains work is so subtle, you sometimes forget that the change in behavior can be attributed to her work, and it's not just a fluke. Boutaina is always so good at checking in to see what improvements we've seen, as it's easy to forget once the bad behavior (or other things) are no longer there.

I truly believe that a lot of Kaitlyn's recent success over the last year has been directly related to treatments from Boutaina doing the Svetlana Masgutova Method.

It's called the Masgutova Method. We found the most caring, wonderful practiconer in this method (and she's trained in The Anat Banal Method and Feldenkris, Chraion Sacral work and much more).

She's located in the San Francisco Bay Area California (specifically, Marin County).

Here is her website:
She'll even do a free 30 minute consultation with your child if you are interested! Tell her you heard of her from me!

Boutaina Rosen


Anonymous said...

Svetlana Masgutova was actually here in the bay area last week doing workshops. I think she lives in Russia or Poland. We were lucky to meet her and she did a 45 min eval on my daughter. If you think Boutaina is wonderful, Svetlana is even more amazing. I just wished we had more time with her. She did her evaluation, wrote all her recommendations and our practioner will work on those with us.

liz.mccarthy said...

We were lucky to have Svetlana evaluate our daughter with Boutaina present (Boutainas idea) last year. Svetlana is very intense!

Anonymous said...

Yah, I agree, Liz. :) She was talking to us like we were one of the practitioners and I honestly, couldn't follow everything she was saying since she is very "technical". Thankfully, my husband videotaped the entire session and we can go back and watch the tape. But on the ones I understood, she got my daughter right on. Just out of curiosity, what did she say about Kaitlyn ? Also, do you do the "lessons" (exercises) on Kaitlyn at home daily ? With everything else going on, it's difficult to do the exercises. It's another 30 minutes of my daughter's day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

My son was born at 28 weeks with his twin sister and now 5 y.o. His behavior in many ways similar to Kaitlyn's such as reaction to public toilets, tantrums (oh, my), throwing things... we also have biting and hitting. I would like to try Masgutova's method on him but have no idea how to find a practitioner close to where we live: Kansas or Missouri. How did you find your practitioner and would you have any suggestions how I could find one in our area. Or maybe you could recommend some sources that I could read/watch and work with my son by myself.
My email address: wgalina at

I hope you'll find a few min in your very busy schedule to email me. Please! Thanks in advance!!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo I find in Poland a center, her ex-husband is working with great team, organize a camps one or two weeks for really small money. Two week camp with accomodation and food is for about 2,200$. He was travelling with her and treating and building institute in Poland but since he left her She doesnt say any good word about him but before she was saying that he is the best. He really have heart to children. His center name is still only in polish unfortunatlly. His name is Piotr Hawryluk email is He also study temprana method and others terapeutics program.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Technically he can do her works but he has no research and knowledge to further tHe techniques. THe techniques changes all tHe time. She keeps updating. We have seen her grafik for tHe past 3 years