Sunday, October 31, 2010

Uncle Gary Get's Hitched

My "little brother" got married on October 16th!
I was the "Best Woman" for the wedding and Kaitlyn was the flower girl!
Here are a few pictures from the big day:

The morning of the wedding, Gary (as a former professional runner) had "The First Non-Annual Pre Wedding Day 5 K" It was too much fun!
As the Official "Best Woman" giving my speach to the happy couple!
Uncle Gary and Kaitlyn, wearing her run T-shirt!
Mom and kids after the ceremony

The McCarthy's!!

Kaitlyn as the flower girl checking in with mom

Kaitlyn getting her hair done before the ceremony


Florence said...

On this pictures I see not anly a beautiful flower girl but also all the love that bonds her to her mom and family, all the happiness that her smile radiates, all the liveliness that she brings around her.
Thanks for sharing all this

Jennifer said...

Nice pictures, I must say you have a wonderful daughter. Take care of him. So cute!

Tulsa County Courthouse said...

These pictures are so beautiful!