Saturday, December 10, 2011

Worldwide Candle Lighting

Having lost a baby myself, this is a really powerful worldwide event.

The closest location here in Marin as it the Unity Church in Hamilton, Novato. I’ll likely be attending.

If you can’t go in person, please light a candle from 7-8pm on Sunday 12/11 in honor of all those children who passed away much too soon.

Candle lighting begins in New Zealand and circles the globe for 24 hours, and there are some local events as well. More information is at


Anonymous said...

Hello Liz,

I have stumbled upon your blog by chance and read your story from A to Z. I couldn't wait to know how Kaitlyn would do after having such tough luck at the beginning of her life, except that of course, this is not a made-up story: it is your life, and what a journey it has been.

I was lucky enough to have two healthy children, but a friend of mine recently lost her 5-year-old to brain cancer. It wasn't even my child, yet I find myself unable to talk about her without tearing up, more than 6 months later. As my son is preparing to start school, I can't help but think that his friend should be there with him to hold his hand as they climb on the school bus, him for the first time, her as a proud first grader. I think of what she would be like today, how they would spend the summer together, and my heart aches. So I can only imagine how much you must grieve Corrine with every new step that Kaitlyn takes by herself.

I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story and giving hope to others. Even though you haven't posted in months, some people will still read your blog and find comfort that way. I can't wait to hear how your children are doing today.

I hope you're enjoying the summer,

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