Monday, March 24, 2014

Reinnveration of Vocal Cord nere from PDA ligaton

Brian, Kaitlyn (who is now 8 years old) and I are flying to Utah on Thursday next week to have a surgery done on Kaitlyn’s vocal cords (as well as have her adenoids removed).  Unfortunately this surgery was supposed to have been done within 7 years of injury (Kaitlyn is now 8).  I heard of it from a friend of mine back east who had it done on her daughter with great success (at age 7).  I had to fight my insurance for 3 months for them to approve us going to Utah, but I prevailed and we are heading out next week.

 Here is a link to a medical article published by the doctor we are going to on the procedure:
It is called a vocal cord nerve reinnervation.  It's ben shown that at least 35% of PDA ligations are resulting in paralyzed left vocal cords. I'm hoping that other parents will look into this procedure for their children as it has been shown it works better if this procedure is done within 7 years of injury.  (Kaitlyn is over 8, but I only just heard of it).

The surgery is Friday morning…

Thankfully it’s a low risk procedure and Kaitlyn should only be in the hospital one night.