Monday, May 08, 2006

The goofy girl

I had a nurse come help me today! She is going to come 2 times a week! We feel really lucky to have found her, as she is a retired NICU nurse who doesn't want to work full time any more! It took all of my time anyways, to explain all of what needs to be done, but I'm so excited and I think she'll be great with Miss Katie.
Ok, my daughter hasn't gotten the hang of smiling yet, but she certainly is a queen of funny faces....

OK, this really is a crazy face.....maybe half of her is trying to smile (and half frown?)

Kaitlyn's eyebrows get really red all the time

She's really got the pout down

Just hanging out in her boppy

Sticking her tounge out at mom

Me, at the fireboat....everyone says I need to eat more. My arms do look a bit skinny here.....The last time that Katie's pediatrician called (and spoke to Brian) she told him that he needs to feed me more as I was too skinny. Funny, all of Katies docs are worried about me.

Kaitlyn loves to lay with her head back, and she has definitely found her hands, here she is just staring at her hand. You can see her feeding pump/IV pole behind her and Brian is holding her feeding tube.

These pictures are from our visit with Ethyn and his parents a few weeks ago. Ethyn was Kaitlyn's NICU mate, and also lost his twin brother. They are now each other's lost twins. Ethyn is still on oxygen, he is about a month older (adjusted) than Kaitlyn and weighs 15 pounds (I think or more). Ethyn is actually having surgery tomorrow (5/9, so send him prayers) . He'll have to be at the hospital for a week while he recovers.

More pictures of Ethyn and Kaitlyn (Katie is looking a bit bored with her big yawn) . Her feeding tube is attached.

Kaitlyn was sound asleep here (the tube hanging down from Katilyn is her feeding tube) and she seems to have lost a sock! This is Jenny's Ethyn's mom. We spent a LOT of time together in the pump room at the NICU.


Kim said...

Those faces are precious! Miss K is a beauty... but what's up with the red eyebrow thing? When you figure it out, let me know because Ava's do that all the time too!

Glad you have found a nurse to help you out. Maybe while she is caring for Kaitlyn you can grab a bite to eat????

Amy said...

Great pictures, Liz. Although I didn't know you before, you DO look very thin. I don't eat when I'm stressed out, either, and I know you must be very stressed.

Sarah said...

How cute are K and E? Love it! It must be great to be able to keep in such close contact with folks from the NICU - we're only still in touch with one family (and we've moved, so that doesn't help...).

JP said...

Love the funny faces! Is it me, or does she look like her daddy in the second one?

Have you started the rice cereal yet? I'm anxious to know how it goes. Halle never did like it. Have you tried thickening your EBM with simply thick?

Cath said...

Isn't she just adorable!
So pleased you manage to find the nurse you have.
And wow, you have certainly got your figure back, go girl

Billie said...

I love the new pics! I totallly agree with Julie that she looks like her daddy in the second one.

I get the comments about my weight all the time now too. I am just honestly too busy taking care of my girls to eat. When it's time for me to eat, I get a few bites before somebody needs something. Feeling stressed out and sad much of the time doesn't help my appetite either.

Anonymous said...

Liz and Brian,
you are doing a great job - Miss Katie is a lucky girl with you as parents. Love her pics.

Kim C

Anonymous said...

we will have to have a face off sometime between Zach and Katie. I wish I could put Katie's picture with the crooked smile on my blog next to Zach's they look so much alike, TOO FUNNY.

SXYMMA said...

How neat that she has a NICU buddy! I haven't been able to keep up with anyone from the NICU. He's handsome as well - he looks so healthy! I hope his surgery went well. Tell Jenny we're thinking of her.