Saturday, June 24, 2006


It's been a bit since I've updated and taking care of Kaitlyn has been getting in the way of blogging (that's a good thing).

I have news though, yesterday I officially retired my breast pump. Yes, R.I.P to my breastpump. After a 8+ (almost 9) month "intimate" relationship with my breast pump, I'm not going to miss it. Kaitlyn is on milk that is defrosted from the begining of March, but my supply really started going down not long after that - I don't know how much she'll have left, probably about 2 months I'm guessing.

The last few days Kaitlyn has been vomiting terribly....Really terribly. I feel so horrible for the little thing, she looks up at me with these teary eyes right before she vomits, like is pleading with me to make it go away. It just breaks my heart that there is nothing that I can do for her...and no, "they" don't tell me when it's going to stop. I get asked alot about what "they" say about her vomiting... I think people mean her many doctors and what their expert opinion is about why this is happening or when it's going to stop. But there is no answer as far as I can tell.

I have forgotten to report that K has 2 visits with a Physical Therapist. The really good news is that as of this time they don't really want to work on much with her (besides the "typical" stuff of tummy time, helping her roll over (she should be rolling over by now). This is great news. They were worried however about her continued averting gaze and non-smiling.

I was with 2 12 month old twins today, and seeing their smiles was so precious. How I yearn to see Miss Kaitlyn smile at me.

Kaitlyn's last weight check was 12 pounds 4 ounces, I'm guessing (hoping) she's at 12 1/2 pounds now - then again with all of her recent vomiting, who knows.

We have started trying to give her some formula to replace some of my milk, (but yesterday she had no formula and a TON of vomiting). It's very frustrating.

Here's a link to a video of Kaitlyn vomiting.... (this is my first attempt at uploading a video)

Kaitlyn Vomiting

Now a few notes about the above clip...She vomited in 3 spurts, (I missed the last and largest one). the first one was definitely projectile, and the end of the video you can hear K's "cry".


Tonya said...

Okay that just broke my heart :( poor little girl.. I know to well what that is like and yes that first one definitly projectile. :( I have bed issues with vomit and it always scares me.. I wish someone would do something about it!

Melissa said...

Poor K I hope it stops for her soon, every now and then Caitlin will have those projectile spit ups(vomits but mostly she just spits up her feedign 3 hours between feeds, kind of alot but not tons. But K is getting so so darn cute She is such a beautiful little girl!!!!!

stephasteph said...

Oh poor baby. i feel for her so. i hope it stops soon. Does she usually vomit when shes moving? Or is it anytime? I noticed my baby spits up more if we press on her tummy or she's active.

Maggie said...

I'm so sorry about the vomiting. Watching the video brought back memories. We had 2 straight months last summer when Sarah vomited after 2-3 of her feeds. It was pretty stressful. I was tired of smelling like puke.

Congrats on saying goodbye to your 'old' friend! I drank a glass of wine and toasted by dear old friend when I retired it after 13 months back in March. I loved having free time! Enjoy that!

Tonya said...

ps.. I dont have bed issues.. but BAD ones.. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi- Maybe you should consult an OT about the concerns with smiling. I know for my preemie it came when she felt better from reflux, but they are the experts in SID, not PTs, and can tell you with more accuracy if you should be concerned or not. -E

Stacy said...

Oh Liz, that video broke my heart. Yes, she has every right to be sad. I'm sure that the pain from the reflux does make it difficult for her to smile.

Have you shown the video to your GI specialist? Sometimes it helps them to actually see what is happening.

Continued thoughts & prayers!

Julie said...

That is the saddest thing! I hate that!! SB has done that about 5 times since I have had her- It just breaks my heart- her's came out her nose too! I just wish would stop for sweet Kaitlyn.

Jenny said...

Awwwww! poor kaitlyn!!! Now i can tell what you are talking about with her cry and the vomiting. I hope this ends soon!