Thursday, June 15, 2006

Tired, Tired, Tired!

Wow, what a day....

Don't even know where to start....

Brian worked a double (48 hours straight), which means I was on my own...

4:30 am, Kaitlyn started stiring (rare for her so early) so I changed her diaper
5:00 am K had a big poop so I changed her diaper again
5:30-6:30 K threw up about 3 or 4 times

8:20 Got up and took a quick shower, got dressed, etc.

9:00 A guy came to fix a crack in my windshield and our cleaning woman arrived (who I forgot was coming) so I had to crazily clean up tossed vomit burp cloths, diapers etc from the night-time craziness as well as try assemble the house somewhat so she could clean - it was a wreck.

9:05 Get ready for 3 doctor visits in SF- ran around, changed K's clothes (covered in vomit from night time vomits), pick up, defrost her breast milk for the day and measure out for specific feedings, pack supplies and spoon and rice cereal and sweet potatoes for a visit with K's feeding specialist in SF and pack cooled milk burp cloths and bibs (and extra clothes just in case) for a feeding on the road after a day of doc visits- also pack extra Mic-key button that needs to be changed for her appointment with her GI doc

9:35 Hooked K up early to her feeding pump so it will finish early as we have to leave the house

9:40 waited for the glass guy to finish and leave so I could pump breast milk (I'm down to 1 pump a day!)

10:25 or so leave the house, knowing I'll likely be late for the first doc appointment in SF; pull-over so I can stop the alarm from her pump as her feed finished

11:15 after driving around to find parking arrive late at my doctors office (I had to go to a new primary care doc, as my prior one no longer took my insurance) and I needed a specialist visit to f/u with the ultrasound I had last week on my thyroid (I've had cysts for a few years and they needed to be checked to see if they've grown - they have a bit), so I need to see an endocrinologist. I also ask for help about my JAW - more about that later...The NP can't find my faxed records, so I don't finish until about 11:45.

11:45 RUN with kaitlyn in her stroller to my car, as her GI appointment is across town at noon! Drive through golden gate park, and park and rush all over huge UCSF to get to GI

12:10 Late, obviously, meet with GI, Kaitlyn gets weighed and measured !! Yeah!!! She's up to 12 pounds 4 ounces! (Have I ever mentioned that I've eaten yet - no, will get to that later). We changed her Mikkey button for the first time (for the last week she's been fussy and crying when cleaning or hooking up her feeding tube, so I think that it needs to be changed or is too small now that she's growing). Kaitlyn screams (as much as she can) is very upset and promptly falls asleep afterwards in my arms....

1:25 finish up and run again, across many elevator towers to a different part of UCSF (at least I don't have to drive) for K's feeding Specialist appointment - Kaitlyn is sacked out, not a good sign for her feeding appointment to show that she is actually eating SOME solids!

We started about 3 days ago with sweet potatoes, and she is actually swallowing it and hasn't been upset! I'm so excited to show the feeding OT our success. But Kaitlyn would have none of it, she did wake up but wasn't the least bit interested in eating, so we left.

2:45 Call Brian, he's actually stationed at a fire house super close to UCSF, so we drive by to see dad at work....I forgot my camera but took a few pics of fireman dad holding K in front of the fire engine with my cell phone had to stop on the drive home when her pump alarmed with her feed being finished (no vomit)

3:30 stopped by my office to drop off an escrow file for a house that is closing on monday

4:00 or so - tried once again to eat something for the first time today, but I can't - why you ask?

Well, I've been having some dental work done - cavities from when I was a child all need to be replaced and I've been 2 times in the last 2 weeks. BUT alas, it seems that I've had some bite/jaw issues all along that are only surfacing now with all the work being done and the result is that I can't open my mouth! Hardly at all. It's been getting worse the last few days (It's been a week since my last visit so I thoguht it would get better), but no. I tried to eat a banana yesterday and had to eat it sideways. I can't even open my mouth enough to eat a power bar! I haven't eating all day. Driving back to Marin I stop and get a milk-shake and some french fries (small and soft) and call the dentist. I knew I couldn't make it in earlier today, and he does definitely want to see me, which I find out as I neared my house, so I got back on the free way to visit the dentist at 4:30pm.

Home at 5:30 pm, feed Kaitlyn some peas (first time with peas). Which was actually quite a funny experience, as she was somewhat interested in the process (but not eating), She thought it was great fun to blow bubbles as I put the spoon in her mouth, and even proceeded to grab the spoon and "feed herself" well, not really, as soon as the spoon hit her mouth, she blew all the peas everywhere......yes everywhere. I gave up trying to keep her clean at that point and knew she was destined for a bath.

5:45 - gave her a bath, got her milk ready for her 6:00 feed.

6:30 K threw up 2x, cleaned that up. she PROMPTLY fell asleep.

7:15 after feed was done, got upset again...picked her up , got a good burp (no vomit - yeah), and she feel asleep on my chest. (She hasn't done this in some time). I sat and vegged on the couch with her sleeping on my chest until it got ready for her night time feed at 8:30 pm.....

It's now 11:00pm

Well, that's life in the McCarthy household.

Blogger isn't letting me post pictures, I'll try again on friday.


She Weevil said...

What a beautiful little girl with a lovely name. Glad I found you this morning: it's put my woes into some sort of perspective.

Maggie said...

Oh my! Talk about a crazy day!!

Get some rest!!!

I was looking back at your Jan/Feb blog entries. I love Kaitlyn in her Steelers gear!!! Way too cute! My DH is a die hard Steeler fan too - when I was pg with Sarah, he told me that we had 3 name choices if she was a boy - Ben, Jerome or Deuce or some combination of them. Luckily she was a girl :)

miraclebaby said...

Aaaaahhhh! Makes me stressed just thinking about trying to cram all that in one day. Hope today is more relaxing for you.

Maggie said...

My DH is from a tiny town in Indiana County (PA). It's about 50 miles from Pittsburgh. So he's a die hard Steeler fan. We have the flag flying high during the season since we live deep in Patriot territory!

Sarah would be in love with your husband. We live diagonal from a fire station. Sarah spends her days watching the firemen. All I have to say is what are the firemen doing and she walks to the door and points. I wonder if they know they have a little stalker... She's the only little girl I know that has a Fisher Price fire truck to play with. LOL:)

Kim said...

You really are Super Mom!