Monday, August 14, 2006

Lots of Pictures for your enjoyment!!!

In a seperate post below, I also wrote an update - be sure to check that out too.

This cute outfit is from my good friend Diana.

Look at the cute rear pockets!

Nana Corinne holding her grand daughter. She was so happy to see her little one. She's been waiting a long time for a grand daughter.

My mom and I tried to take Kaitlyn swimming for her first time. It wasn't very successful, she lasted a few minutes then became upset. But she sure was cute!

Look at her little g-button.

This cute robe Kaitlyun (after swimming) was from my Cousin Jennifer in Michigan. it's a little bunny hood.
A better view of the bunny hood.

A close up...

Kaitlyn and Nana Corinne - Kaitlyn was dressed up to go to the George mark family picnic.

Mom going to an open house, Nana dressed Kaitlyn in a cute summer outfit from my friend Lynne.

Serious Kaitlyn held by Nana while she's being fed

Thursday - the family in front of Brian's 4-wheeler that he restored on his way out of town for his boys trip. This is it's first trip out.

Kaitlyn driving. look how excited dad is to be going out of town - big smile.

Serios Katilyn before I gave her a bath a few days ago.

Kaitlyn after her bath - nice towel dried hair!!!

This is just a few minutes afterwards - I actually have to comb her hair now!! Look at those rolls and that belly!

Mom, I'm all clean now after my bath. This was during our 4 days alone.

I took these pictures today - if you remember a few weeks ago I posted a picture of K in the exersaucer, and her feet didn't touch the bottom.....

Look at those feet now!

Boy, that serious face never changes!

A few days ago, attempting to eat sweet potatoes. Much more on Kaitlyn than she ate.

The old attempt of "trying to get her to taste the food off her fingers."

Funny enough, Katilyn doesn't really like to be so messy, in her hand is a paper towel. She'll take the towel and "wipe" her face down until it's actually clean!! (I'm sure it's not on purpose, but it sure is funny).

Putting anything else besides food in her mouth - this is a new rattle from my friend Lynn.

These are pictures of Katilyn with her cousin DJ. DJ is my step-sisters son, who I was lucky enough to see be born into this world. DJ was due 2 days before Katilyn's due date, so technically, they are the same age. DJ is 99% of the charts, whereas Kaitlyn is at about 5% of the charts for her adjusted age. Whitney came up to visit with DJ and bought Brian and I dinner a few weekends ago. It was so great to see them. Katilyn seems a little more interested in her hand than her cousin.

Kaitlyn says, "hey, that's my favorite toy!"

Some very cute cousin bonding. I became a bit sad, seeing the two of them together, thinking that I shoudl have so many pictures of my 2 babies together. It was great to see DJ and Kaitlyn together. They were actually born in the same hospital, and where there at the same time, (well Katilyn was there for 4 months and DJ was there for 2 days).

A little better perspective of how big DJ is, but Kaitlyn looks great next to him.


Momma Monkey said...

Your daughter is GORGEOUS !!

I really enjoy seeing pictures of her doing so well !!

Jenny Fischer said...

Oh my god she is so cute especially in the bunny robe :) luv you guys hope all is going well

michelle flannagan said...

she looks gorgeous. I hope the lung function test comes out ok, and that teething is uneventful for you. Enjoy your time away, you've more than earned it.

take care, michelle

Maggie said...

She is just beautiful!!! Look at how much she's growing!!!