Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What are they thinking???

Here's a conversation I had this morning:

A: "Hi, this is A, I'd like to schedule Kaitlyn's pulmonary function test for 9am on such and such day next week."

me: "OK, that day works for me"

A: "what is your email address so I can email you the pre-test instructions."

me: I'ts ....."

A: "Great, well the letter that I'm emailing will explain it, but you'll need to wake-up your daughter at 4:00 am and don't let her go back to sleep before the 9am test."

me: "What.....?"

A: "Yes, your daughter will need to be awakened at 4am to get "ready" for the test."

me: "Umm, let me get this straight you want me to wake my sleeping baby who sleeps great through the night who will be in the middle of her night time 10 hour pump-feed and will likely vomit upon waking, and then try to keep her awake and drive to the city in the middle of traffic by myself keeping her awake still? Are you kidding me?????"

A: "Yes, she needs to be awake for so many hours before the test."

me: "Well, why can't we do the test later in the day, when she'll be awake anyways? I can't believe you are asking me to wake my sleeping infant at 4am."

A: "well, I guess I can call the lung doctor and see if he could do the test in the afternoon."

me: "Yes, um I think that would be a good idea."



Anonymous said...

Good LORD! I can't believe they would even suggest you doing something soo ridiculous!

Hang in there girlie!


Kim said...

Who are these people? Seriously, who even SUGGESTS such a thing?! If they insist on doing the test in the morning, you should insist that they come over, clean up the vomit and keep Kaitlyn awake. Jeez!

Michelle said...

Very well said Kim. That's just ridiculous. I wonder if the lady even realized what she was asking. Hopefully she had a bit of a DUH moment upon hanging up the phone. SHEESH!

Kristin said...

Oh I can so relate! I hope you get it sorted for later in the day!

Anonymous said...

I think you were a bit harsh. I have had my daughter in for tests before where I had to wake her up early in the morning like that. Do you want accurate results on the test. I understand it is a nuisance and very hard to keep a tired baby up but if is necessary wouldn't you just do it!!!!!

Jenny said...

Geesh! what were they thinking? Like Kim said.....the docs should take care of Kaitlyn when she gets woken.....and then then would understand wha tyou have to deal wiht if you wake her up.

miraclebaby said...

UMMMM, HELLO, people! good grief.