Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Just Imagine pink onsies at the firehouse.....

Well, I guess it was inevitable, but with Kaitlyn's immense laundry production, our washing machine broke. Brian took 3 loads of Kaitlyn's clothes to work with him, (as if we don't keep up on it every day, we would have a naked baby with no burp rags).

Now of course, because Brian is a fireman, taking baby clothes to "work" is a funny sight. Right after he put a load in when he got to the firehouse, he was called out on about 3 calls, so when he returned, there were a lot of questions as to who owned the large load of pink onsies and footsie pj's in the laundry.

I can just picture it - it makes me giggle, all those big fireman giving Brian a hard time for his pink load of laundry!!!

We have just located a new washing machine and are back in vomit clean up business.

And, yes, her vomits have continued even though I haven't made many comments on that fact. Today/tonight I've changed her PJ's 4 times! The last time was when the dreaded medicine port opened (for all those fellow g-tube mom who know what I'm talking about) and fed her bed for over 2 ounces of milk before she woke up, soaking and having her stomach completely emptied. now, 2 hours later, she's still awake (it's almost 11pm) , and I just changed her pjs' again after a huge vomit. Ugh.

But on the good news front, she has continued to pleasure us with an occasional smile now and then (still not directed at us), but it is so amazing to see her face light up . It makes my heart sing.

I think that one of the alternative practicioners that I've been taking her to (an Osteopath who specializes in Chranio Sacral Therapy) has a lot to do with her recent positive development. I can honestly say that in the last 3 weeks, we have seen a noticeable difference in her behavior, her ability to interact with the world, and now her smiling. She's rolling all over the place, in all directions. 3 weeks ago she was only rolling from stomach to back, and rarely ever back to stomach. Now she's a champ at rolling both ways. Even if I put her head facing one direction, she'll rapidly move (via rolling) and end up facing another direction.

She's so much better at handling objects, she can even finger-pinch small things (like a cheerio) but forget eating it. It's so wonderful to see her thriving all of a sudden.


Kristin said...

The image I see is not one of Brian with the pink onesies and jammies today... but the ones that will show up later on in various locations that have been brought out for "special occassions" just for him. :-)
I'm sorry to hear that the vomiting is still going strong.

We had it too, but it cleared up as soon as I changed her formula to a lactose free formula (she did the same thing with soy based *sigh*). The bonus with the change is that the lactose free doesn't stain as badly as the soy or lactose based formulas.

Hechung said...

Go Kaitlyn on all those beautiful smiles and her recent development!!

Stacy said...

I just have to say that that second picture of her smiling just lights the world up. What an uplifting things to see!

Glad to hear she is smiling - hope she starts directing a few of them at you!

Jill & Terry said...

Kaitlyn is doing great, I AM SO GLAD, she is smiling, bet it melts your heart!!!!!!!!!! Zach says Hi to, We beleive he's going to be a computer geek, we continuously have to get the computer wires away from him. Kaitlyn looks wonderful, we will have to have some more funny face comps.

David Ashley Gilbert said...

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Jodi from PROM said...

So nice to hear good news! Kaitlyn's smile is beautiful! A little unsolicited just as cautious with her this winter as you were last regarding germs. You may remember, my Anthony who had no lung problems after PROM and prematurity caught RSV during the end of the second season when he was almost 1. He spent 5 days in the hosp, and then when we went on vacation a week later, he developed a collapsed lung and had to have a chest tube. We spent our entire florida vacation in a PICU. Since then his lungs are scarred from the RSV and he now has asthma. If he ever gets another collapsed lung, he'll have to have lung surgery.
Don't let up, keep that beautiful babe healthy! You're doing a wonderful job, mom! You should be proud of yourself!
:) Jodi

JP said...

Hey Liz - I don't know if you use the z-vibe with K or not, but I read on P2P that they have some new tips: flavored bite tips, fine tip, toothbrush tip, textured spoon tips, thermal tip, pacifier tip, and chew tips in mouse/cat.

Here's the link: Code=Tips

:) Julie

Anonymous said...
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