Sunday, October 08, 2006

Can't ever get caught up!!!!

Well, in that it's 11:30 pm, I've had a cough for a week now and can never seem to find enough time with juggling vomit, doctor visits and yes, work! Keeping up on email and my blog seem to have taken a bit of a back seat the last few weeks.

I promise to update soon - with pictures!

No real news on our front - Kaitlyn is still vomiting, still not really smiling, but seems to be growing. We have a weight check at her 1 year check-up (and shots) later this week.

Thank you everyone for your incredibly nice comments from my not so uplifiting last post. Just know that I am trying to really "look forward" to Kaitlyn's next birthday, as I won't have to be saying any more, "wow, 1 year ago, I was...." etc.

I'm trying to look at October 5th as a new beginning of sorts, well, I guess I'll really say that after 2 remaining dates: Jan 4th (when the girs were due) and February 9th, when Kaitlyn fianlly came home from the NICU. Hard to beleive we have been dealing with multiple daily vomit now for 8 months! Wow.


Kristin said...

After attending a meeting today with parents from the NICU/SCN where Presleigh was born and realizing what I had missed out on support wise, I just wanted to say thank you to you, Liz. Because of you, I have had support network. Thank you for sharing all of this - good, bad and all the vomit too. I can't begin to fathom what you've gone through, but its nice to identify with someone else even on a small scale from a distance. Indirectly you all have provided support without even knowing and I'm sure that many a mom (and dad) out there will agree with me.
If I could help ya with that dirty L word (laundry!), I would but somehow I think customs would wonder :-)
We think of you guys often and I've shared your story a few times over the few months I've "known" you.
Kristin & Presleigh

Momma Monkey said...

I have a two year old and a just out of the NICU 11 weeks early preemie.

Beleive me, just give up, you'll never catch up :) Then you can just enjoy your family instead of worring you're not doing enough...