Thursday, October 26, 2006

Finally an update!!

I’m sure you can guess by my lack of recent posts that I’ve been incredibly crazed. Work has gotten very busy, I have a new escrow for a client, and have been showing quite a few other buyer’s houses which has kept me crazed. Brian’s been working on his 4-wheeling project, I had to go to Los Angeles on a Realtor Related Trip – my local Marin Association of Realtors sent me to a Realtor Tech convention for my work:, I had dinner with my brother (for his birthday) and my dad, and then I actually got to do something fun, I went to Los Vegas to celebrate a very close friend’s upcoming wedding at her girls bachlorette weekend. Let’s just say I didn’t get much sleep all last week and weekend. Brian’s dad came to town to help out with Kaitlyn while I was traveling. Brian’s dad is a dentist, so he was a quick study with the feeding pump. Then Brian left to go on a wheeling trip up to Tahoe, then of course tonight he’s back at work on his 24 hour shift. I wish I could have help when I’m alone with Kaitlyn….Oh well.

Kaitlyn trying out dad's new seatbealts before he left

Liz and the Bachlorette, Kim in Vegas

The girls in Vegas with "John"

When Brian’s dad was here he made apple pies and banana bread! Wow, what great in-laws I have! But they live in Pennsylvania and my parents are in LA – wish they were all closer!

Vegas was so much fun, it was great to let loose which I certainly haven’t done for quite some time. But I got 2 hours of sleep on Saturday night before I came home, I lost my voice completely.

Let’s see how is Kaitlyn doing? Well, she’s basically status quo when it comes to her vomiting and not-eating: For example. This morning Brian put Kaitlyn in bed with me when he left for work at 6am, and she proceeded to have a coffee-ground emesis (blood in her vomit coming from her stomach) all over my bed and sheets, my nurse came today thank goodness, I then ran around on inspection appointments for the house I have in escrow, got home, relieved the nurse, took Kaitlyn to meet client’s at another house; started her feed late, she vomited, and then ½ hour later I realized that she had kicked loose the feeding pump, so I had been emptying her stomach and pumping milk into the bed for some period of time. So now I’m in the process of washing my sheets to make my bed and Kaitlyn’s sheets, clothes, etc.

Developmentally – she’s doing really well motor skills-wise. She is delayed obviously, but doing well all things considered. She is super close to sitting up on her own, she gets so close to it, but just can’t muscle her way up. She tries to use her stomach muscles rather than her arms. She’s also getting really close to crawling, I guess her physical therapy and our working with her has paid off.

Eating – she’s now going to an eating therapist once a week – I try to work with her every day, but no great success stories to report. This is going to be a long road. Her feeding therapist states that she doesn’t think she is going to eat until we can get her to stop vomiting. I just really hope that once Kaitlyn is more upright that her reflux will stop. We’ll just wait and see. And if you are asking: “What do the doctors say,” please don’t. The doctors don’t’ say anything, there is no answer as to why she vomits and when she’ll eat. It’s going to be a long road.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now, sorry for the long delays in posting!

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Kristin said...

I'm glad you got to let loose, Liz and glad that Miss K is getting better on her sitting.

Thanks for keeping us updated!