Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lots of new Pics

I'm having MAJOR picture posting issues. so bear with me....
I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post, my new "crawler" has been making life very hard. Motor Skills wise, Kaitlyn is doing really, but it's gotten to incredibly hard to feed her, so we are doing trial and error changes to her feeding schedule.

Today I was asked to present to the California Chapter of March of Dimes. They asked me to drive up to Napa to speak to the California employees about my story and what march of Dimes can do to better support us! I said communication! I want to help new Bay Area NICU families, but it's hard to get the word out that I'm here to help!

Kaitlyn loves to help me work on my blog!

Yes, she's quite a typist!

My dad came to town and got to see his granddaughter!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Looking back as I post these pictures it's hard to believe I had days like I did yesterday. My life is hard. Sometimes I get really down. I tried to go jogging yesterday, but I couldn't make it far as I stopped and cried. I don't mean to end on a down note, but sometimes it all gets to me.

And then to top of that day, I had a HORRIBLE nanny thing happen. I'm not sure if I can even write about it here and now - it's too horrible. I'll save it for another post. (Remember I said our nurse was leaving, I've been trying to find someone that I can afford, as I can't seem to find a "nurse" that the agency will cover.


Anonymous said...

Super update and pictures. You are doing so well! I am so proud of you. Can't believe how big your little pumpkin looks. You've had a long haul - I can't even imagine - and what I do know - is that you are strong and you have so many friends who care for you and that you can call us and me anytime! Love, Kim

Kim said...

Love the new pictures of your little beauty. I am sorry that things are still so hard for you. You do an amazing job staying strong--you are an inspiration. As is your little miracle--crawling already?! Wow! Way to go Kaitlyn!

liz.mccarthy said...

Wow, you guys think more of me than I do! I haven't been feeling very strong lately, just tired and fed up with my daughter's vomit and refual to eat, knowing that this is going to be years and years and years.....

Kristin said...

Yay lots of pics! I've been thinking about you guys lately and hoped all was well. I love that grin of K's. I wish I could offer physical support but we are here in spirit and supporting you 100%. When K looks back on this when she's older, she'll know her parents were her rock.

Stacy said...

Oh Liz -

What great pictures! It sure looks like Kaitlyn is starting to interact with folks - and smile! She has a beautiful smile. She really looks like her daddy, huh?

I'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. I still get them - and the kids are two years old. I met a twin mom a few months ago - her son had had a paralyzed vocal cord & didn't eat for the longest time. He stood there while I was there and asked for cake - plain as could be. Yes, I know he's 3 and that's a long time for Ms. K, but I also it gives you some hope. Because, obviously, he didn't wake up one day when he turned 3 and started asking for cake.

It's probably hard to see the progress when you're stuck in the grind day in & day out - but I see those pictures and I can see how well Ms. K is doing.

Hugs to you!