Monday, December 04, 2006

November Pictures 1

Then the weekend after we (Brian, Kaitlyn and I) all drove to LA for our FIRST trip! It felt very strange for me drive anywhere, as I haven't been on a road trip since I was pregnant. That was a long time ago, strange for me, as I used to go on road-trips all the time. Boy has my life changed. This picture was in LA, right as we arrived at my mom's house. Uncle Gary was so happy to see Kaitlyn!

And so was Grandma Corinne! (remember, Kaitlyn's sister was named after my mom)
Happy Grandma!!

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My mom volunteers for an organization in LA called the Pediatric Therapy Network (this was way before I had my twins) and she donated a tile on behalf of Kaitlyn's sister Corinne. You can see Corinne's Memory tile next to Kaitlyn.

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