Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Just realized I only have one still feeding picture (the rest are videos). Still working on those. Here are some recent pictures (in no particular order).

Kaitlyn "helping" her mom make really caloric pancakes for Kaitlyn. (but she's vomiting them up - so much for my cooking!) Doesn't' my big girl look all grown up?

My 2nd feeding experience out side the house. See the DVD player, the squeeze bottle (for milk) and Kaitlyn zeroed in on her DVD player....? Still not easy for mom. but she's eating! I treated my house guests (see below) to their first ever pedicures (this is at the salon)

My little sleeping munchkin! You can really tell how blonde she is now.

The 3rd day of feeding therapy. In this picture (from left to right): It was quite a full house on this day - Jennifer (Feeding Therapist Assistant, Dr Patel (Feeding Expert), Kate (Kaitllyn's feeding therapist of 7 months who came to our house to experience the success and meet Dr Patel), Susan, (Kaitlyn's weekly PT Therapist); and our nanny extraordinare!

I've been noticing that when I take off Kaitlyn's glasses she still crosses her eyes. At Yesterday's Eye Doc appointment he said that he wasn't concerned, he explained it more as an optical illusion, that her eyes are still small and you just can't see all the whites. We'll see. They sure "look" crossed in this picture.

A recent visit with Kaitlyn's cousins - this is a picture of DJ, who is Kaitlyn's exact (minus 2 days) Adjusted age.
And cousin Charlotte! Who is a big girl of 3! The majority of Kaitlyn's expansive wardrobe is courtesy of Charlotte (and her mom Whitney).

Look at my happy girl! (with a little boo-boo on her cheek)

The last few days we had out of town visitors. The Kirkabys from Mammoth. These are really good freinds of mine. Kathi is 15 and Amanda is 10. My long-time friend Rita's girls. Kathi was the first baby born of all my friends. I can't believe she is 15 Wow! We had a great time, I gave them a tour of SF (and we got to visit Brian at the firehouse).

Brian got to give the Kirkaby's a ride in the fire engine! The girls (and parents) loved it!

My tour continued to Muir Woods to see the huge redwoods just 10 minutes from my house. This is a National Monument. The tallest trees in the world. It was really nice to take a work break and spend time with my friends (Brian was out of town once again on vacation).

And finally, a little book reading help from Kathi and Amanda and their Dad Brian K.!

A few older pictures from our little hike up in Tahoe over the 4th. Look at my fishing baby!

Smiling for the camera!

Preparing a syringe full of food in Tahoe on 4th of July on the beach

Fishing with dad. Look at that huge fish, dad!

And finally, my best-friend, the Vita-Mix blender. I attribute our success with the Blended Diet (BD) as the first step in reducing vomit and hopefully eventually getting Kaitlyn off her feeding tube!


Jenny said...

Love all the pictures!!!

About the eye crossing.....He SHOULD be concerned, because with her glasses ON, you can see that shes not crosseyed at all. That doc must be crazy to not be concerned.

Kristina said...

I love, love, love the photo of your dear girl helping you cook!!! Wow! She's such a big girl! (My Anastasia won't do that yet.)


Kathy said...

This is such great news! The progress Kaitlyn has made is AMAZING! Congratulations to you all!
Kathy, Rob & Thomas

Kellie said...

It is wonderful to see Kaitlyn doing so well (and when did she get SO BIG?!). My favorite pic is the one of you two fishing. Priceless.

I hope her eye crossing improves or that her opthamologist doesn't brush it off next time if it doesn't improve. If she keeps doing it, I'd take some picture proof of it into his office when you take her back in.

Special Survivors said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures. Kaitlyn certainly is a "big girl" now.

I am so happy to hear that she is eating! I'm definitely going to look into Dr. Patel's program for my little guy. He has started to eat a little by mouth, but still relies on tube feedings for nutrition. It would be beyond great to see him off that darn tube!

Take good care!

kellarsmommy said...

Kellars eye crosses as well, and we should be getting his glasses in the mail today, and they are almost just like Kaitlyns, I just hope he wears them as well as she does...

chasity said...

I have had concerns about Landon's eye's crossing and my dr said it was an illusion to. So she isn't worried about it. So try not to worry to much about that.

Take Care

Shannon and Carey said...

First of all you look Great! Glad to see Kaitlyn is progressing on the feeding. The smile on your face says a million words. Great pics of Kaitlyn helping you in the kitchen. Priceless.
Shannon in Austin
PS: love the redwoods

MomOf3 said...

What a beautiful precious miracle baby you have! I found you from a link in Shana's blog. Take care!! :)


She looks so interested in the fishing. :-)