Friday, August 03, 2007

Videos to enjoy!!

These Videos are all hosted on

Bubble Walker
Kaitlyn Learns to Eat
Tube Fed Toddler
Kaitlyn before feeding therapy


Kristin said...

I cried, cried, cried tears of excitement for you, Kaitlyn and Brian. It is so wonderful to watch her take bites and swallow. Such a precious moment!!!!! Here's wishing you continued success to becoming tube free!!

Sarah Furlough said...

I love the eating video, it is amazing! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you!

Jenny said...

Wow Liz! I am so amazed at the difference between the two feeding videos! Doesn't even seem like the same Kaitlyn! Lovin the videos keep 'em coming! :)

Anonymous said...

Ummmm, what baby are those toys in the bubble video for??????? Do you have news for us out here in cyberworld????

liz.mccarthy said...

quote: "Ummmm, what baby are those toys in the bubble video for??????? Do you have news for us out here in cyberworld????"

Sadly no, no new baby news for the McCarthys... those are just her "baby" toys that we've packed up!

Kim said...

The difference between the Pre-Feeding Therapy video and the Feeding Therapy video are miraculous! Kaitlyn went such a long way in such a short amount of time. Wow!

Kristin said...

Yay! The cheering and good job, echoes of my house. Way to go K.

Michelle Flannagan said...

Liz--- I haven't checked in on Miss Kaitlyn in awhile. What a huge difference. It is just amazing to see her huge smile in those photos! Remember when you were wondering when the smiles would happen? She is just so beautiful, and adorable. I forwarded your feeding therapist post to Anna's feeding therapist who is currently in London. I know she would be interested, in Dr Patel's methods. I hope things are still going well in the eating dept. Take Care and I am so happy to see those smiles! Michelle

Laura said...

oh my goodness! she is such a cutie pie.
daniel made a video for miss kaitlyn too.