Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 2007

October has quite a lot of memories for us:


-The month we found ourselves in the Hospital delivering our girls way too early.

-Having our first born daughter die in my arms

-We were on our way to our first Halloween NICU Reunion party while Kaitlyn was still in the NICU (we wanted to see other children who were doing well to give us hope) but we were called by the NICU that Kaitlyn is NOT doing well and we should come in right away and skip the party.

-Kaitlyn learning to crawl on her 2nd October

-dealing with vomit up to 20x a day

-Kaitlyn learning her letters during her 3rd October

yes, unbelievably, at almost 2 years old (adjusted) Kaitlyn knows about 10 letters from the alphabet! (She learned from her fridge magnets). She knows: S, B, D, K, O, P, D (and a few others) and her favorite W (and the first one that I Realized she was saying W!) I promise to video tape this soon! It's so amazingly cute. Her vocabulary has really taken off. Her sweet, quiet little voice (that we are SOOO joyous to hear) loves to talk!

2005- 10/31 NICU-

Kaitlyn's first Halloween (2005) wearing her Halloween Hat

Dad wearing the hat for perspective

One very small precious baby "celebrating" her first Halloween

Kaitlyn's 2nd Halloween at the Pumpkin Patch (2006)Kaitlyn's first NICU Reunion Party (2006) with Nurse Mary

Mom and Kaitlyn at the Children's Fall Party at a nearby school before we went to the Pumpkin Patch (2007) My good friend Keri (from college) and her 2 wonderful boys that hadn't seen Kaitlyn for over a year and wanted to finally be able to "hold her"! at the Children's PartyKaitlyn today at the pumpkin Patch (2007) What a difference!
The McCarthys at the Pumpkin Patch (2007)

Our girl is VERY Strong. She kept trying to lift the big pumpkins and had some success. we showed her the smaller ones more her size.
The pumpkin climber. Kaitlyn had a ball. She ran all over the pumpkin patch.
Helping Grandpa Poppy (my dad) carve pumpkins after the patch

Trying out the Pumpkin top Hat

This weekend, at the 2007 NICU Reunion Party. Kaitlyn was a bit out of sorts, a shy girl came out with all the commotion of the party, and she was snuggling with me! You won't hear any complaints from mom. I rarely get snuggles. It was great! Of course that rapidly wore off and she was off and running. Here's a picture with Kaitlyn's twin "Ethyn." If you recall, Kaitlyn and Ethyn spent a lot of time together in the nicu. They both lost their twin siblings, and Ethyn's family became very important to us. They just had a new almost full-term baby Michylle. I'm joyous for them!


some mommy type lady said...

its amazing what they do in three years. She is so cute!

Sheri said...

WOW! She is doing soooooo WEll!!! You guys deserve several awards for everything you have gone through...Kaitlyn is sooo lucky to have you!!! and how proud you must be of her learning her letters!!! GO KATLYN!"

Shannon and Carey said...

I love the pic of you and Kaitlyn in the swing. Good post. God I hope all is going well with the feeds now.
Shannon in Austin