Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drugs and update

Today I'm 34w4days
I thought this was a fitting title for today's blog.

I recall thinking this same thing the last time I was in the hospital on bedrest: Here you go your entire pregnancy trying to be so healthy for your unborn child and be free of anything that could be harmful for them . But once you find yourself in the hospital every thing changes:

-Lets see, when I was admitted at 30weeks I was given to doses of Bethamethasone (to help speed up the babies lung development).

-Being in the hospital is so crappy that you NEVER get any sleep so they give you Ambien to help you sleep. (everything from the uncomfortable bed (with rubber mattress that I ask the nurses to cover in multiple layers) to the constant interruptions (blood pressure, contraction monitoring, heart rate monitoring, temp, time for meds, etc)

-Because you are never moving you become extremely constipated so you get Colase to help soften your stools.

-Because I'm having conctrations, I'm getting: Nipedifine which is giving me horrendous headaches, and lowers your blood pressure (not as bad as when I was on Magneisum sulfate prior pregnancy) but not good, supposedly the headaches are supposed to get better..

-To combat the Nipedifine headaches I'm taking Tylenol.

-The artificial environment/air conditioning is making my nose super dry and bleed and giving me allergies, so I'm taking Claratin.
-The 24/7 monitors on my belly give me a horrible, itchy rash on my belly, so I'm putting hydrocortisone on my belly.


Kaitlyn at home 2 days before I was hospitalized. Such cute pictures I had to post them.

She LOVES her blue twin backpack that my friend Lisa (with 2 sets of twins) gave her as a gift
When Brian and Kaitlyn come to visit, we "tour" around the hospital in a wheel-chair, which is the only time I leave the confines of my 4 walls in my room. Last time, we went up to visit the NICU, this was taken right in front of the NICU.Here is one of our favorite NICU nurses (Mary) in front of the NICU. She was there when my girls were delivered and was amazed to see Kaitlyn and how blonde her hair is. Remember in the NICU at birth Kaitlyn's hair was very, very dark
Back in my room, Dad feeding Kaitlyn. 2 nights ago she had such a huge vomit, dad was amazing though as he caught it in his hands!
Looking for anything to entertain Kaitlyn, here she is playing with rubber gloves.

Finally belly shots. These were taken at 34w1d. See the red rash on my lower belly. Once again the monitors give me a horrible rash.

Look at that beautiful 34w1d belly! Wish I was out and about enjoying my beautiful pregnant belly. Nope it's just me and my 4 walls (and my blog readers of course!)

Pregnancy Updates:

Well, my contractions have been increasing, so they've increased my dose of Nipedifine, to keep the contractions at bay. The last 2 nights the nurse has come into wake me up to make me empty my bladder, hoping that would decrease my contractions. Last night when I did that I had a small bleed, which of course made me a nervous wreck, thinking "this is it", so I could hardly sleep, but thankfully it seems to have stopped once again.

The goal now is still to try to get me to 37 weeks, (a minimum of 36 weeks), it all depends on my placentia behaving. Hopefully Baby Boy McCarthy will stay off it as that will help as well as keeping the contractions at bay. They are non-painful contractions, but they can still lead to more bleeding so it's important they ate stopped.

I've had to have a continuous IV port (hep-lock) in my arm just in case I start to hemorrhage and have to go for an emergency c-section. However, they've had some problems, and my poor veins are about all used up. I begged and pleaded and am now hep-lock free, so last night when I started bleeding I of course was a bit freaked that I didn't have my IV port in and that I should possibly call to have them put one in if I was going to start to hemorrhage. The issue I guess is that if i do hemorrhage, it makes all your veins really tough to access (as you are loosing too much blood). I'm just hoping at this point that it's not going to happen.

2 days ago a fellow hospital "inmate" was rushed up to an emergency cesction due to bleeding from a previa. I never met her (you never meet the other women who are as lonely as you are, which is ridiculous). She and baby are ok I heard, but it hit home that this is where I'm supposed to be for the safety of both me and baby.

I'm going stir-crazy, am tired of the food and some days am really down, but basically I"m just trying to count the days and knowing how much better things are this time around really helps a lot. Just knowing that I'm going to hear Baby Boy McCarthy scream when he comes out does a lot to help!

Bed-rest is hard. Hospital bed-rest is really hard. If you know ANYONE going through it, just stop by for a visit. having someone to talk to from the outside world really helps pass the time. My friend Lisa has been awsome. She actually spent 9 months in the hospital with her first set of twins, YES, 9 months and yes she has 2 sets of twins. If she could do it I can, she's been by so many times to visit, as she knows how hard it is. Thank you Lisa! You are my sanity savior!

We do have a name picked out finally! As I was in the OB triage on Monday and Brian got here we figured it was time to name Baby Boy McCarthy. But that's a secret until his arrival. sorry you'll just have to wait!

When Kaitlyn leaves she breaks down crying (remember that Kaitlyn hardly ever cries). It just tears my heart out. She doesn't understand why mom can't come home with her. It's breaking my heart that I can't take care of my own child. It's been a month now. My nanny and husband are doing all the work. I feel helpless and sad. But I'm just trying to let the "worry" go and take things a day at a time, as there is nothing I can do about it and I know Kaitlyn is in really good hands.


Sarah said...

I will gladly wait to hear baby boys name for at LEAST a few more weeks, okay? Keep that baby in there! I'ms orry you are going stir crazy!!

Sarah Furlough said...

Thinking of you, Liz! I can't wait to hear about your FULL TERM baby, just a few more weeks.

Call me if you ever need to talk. Or email me if you want.

Jodi said...

I constantly check your blog to see how you are doing. I'm so happy that you have made it this far. I hope to wait a few more weeks to find out his name as well.

abby said...

Hang in there, Liz! And like everyone else, I can totally wait a couple more weeks to learn your big boy's name. I can totally appreciate how hard this is---4 days was excruciating with our girls, and I wish we had closer to 4 months, of course. Hopefully things over the next couple of weeks will be easier than they are right now and come August, you'll have the fruit of your bed rest (and close to 9 full months) in your arms, and your whole family will be reunited.

Jennifer said...

Hey Liz,

I have been reading each post...but haven't had any time what so ever after that to comment! I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and your family every day, and you all are in my prayers!

Sending love and hugs your way!

lisa said...

Liz - I'm so happy to hear you're still in the hospital, still baking your baby boy! I can imagine how heart wrenching it is for you and Kaitlyn, but this is what you have to do. She will be thankful when she has a little baby brother to play with.

Keep your faith, but know that 34+4 is AWESOME!!!

So glad for you and your family!


Kristin said...

34&4 - yay such milestones :-)

Just remember, its just putting on the fat now and despite the horribleness of it all, at the end of the day BBM (baby boy McCarthy) will be a healthy chubby sack 'o' potatoes :-)

Thinking about you lots, and I wish I could come visit.. but call if you want someone to talk to to pass the time.. lots of hugs and
I can wait just a bit longer to give BBM a smooch. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hospitals do not seem to understand that sleep is as important as any part of therapy. You need to make them understand you need rest. Have your husband talk to them about continuous disturbances and trying to minimize them. When I was in the hospital sometimes they would enter my room in the middle of the night just to empty the waste basket. or they wake you up while you are sleeping peacefully just to get my blood pressure, which made me angry every time (and probably raised my pressure too!)This is quite ridiculous and hospitals need to be made aware of the stupidity of this, or patients will never get any sleep.