Tuesday, July 29, 2008

quick update

2 days after birth (the red bruise on his hand is from blood draws)


Things haven't been all that great, I am working on a long post and will hope to have it up sometime later tonight.

Quinn continued to be very sleepy the days post delivery and most of his feeds had to be gavaged by an oral feeding tube. (which of course makes me FREAK out with Kaitlyn's history).

During Quinn's feed on Friday (the day I was to be released) his saturation levels started decreasing (how much oxygen is in his blood). They put a blow-by mask near him and it went back up. I was released. They eventually put a nasal cannula on him.

I made the trip out of the hospital in complete tears, once again I was watching all the joyous parents with their car-seats leaving the hospital, while we were on the other hand leaving without our child. I sooo wanted this to be different this time around. I cried and cried all the way to the car and home.

Also knowing know that Quinn was being put on oxygen. He had been doing so well Oxygen wise. The last few days his oxygen requirements (how much O2 is being given to him) has increased. They decided to do some chest xrays, which showed immature lungs (thankfully not a whole in his lung).
First picture on oxygen

We have no idea when we'll be bringing him home. It's been very hard on me emotionally. YES it's so much better then with Kaitlyn, but I didn't want this to be my story again.

I'm anemic (with all the blood I lost) and very tired.

More later...


Shana said...

Hugs and prayers sent your way.
That little boy of yours is awfully cute!!! :o)

heather said...

More hugs and prayers to your entire family. I have been reading your story for a few months now. I also experienced a PROM twin pregnancy (@ 15 weeks) My girls are 2 now and my PROM queen is 100 % tube feed. You are an AMAZING person & mother, your resorces have been invalueable. Your little boy is beautiful! god bless!

Anonymous said...

Dear Liz. I have been following your bog for a while. please try to get as much help as you can at home. I know from experience this time after a second baby can be very trying for mom, especially with a needy toddler. Don't try and be a supermom, you are one anyway! Anna

Sarah said...

Still praying for you Liz. Quinn is delicious despite needed some o2. I am so, so so sorry you left with him still admitted. I hope his stay is short. HOw is he feeding now with the o2/

Anonymous said...

Your strenght inspires me through my own complicated pregnancy. I only wished that people who have everything come so easy to them would have a better appreciation of their lives. And for those of us who struggle for our blessings, I can only pray and believe that god is watching over us.

Anonymous said...

Your little boy is adorable.
Prayers being sent your way for Quinn to overcome his obstacles quickly and be home with you soon.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I feel for you and I know you are strong. All my good thoughts going your way. Quinn is a cutie. Lauren was born same age as Quinn and I was so eager to have her home and knew that she was in the best place in NICU until she was ready for home. love to you Liz,

Kim C

Cristi said...

Leaving your little preemie in the NICU while you go home is an AWFUL feeling. Those who havent experienced it will never understand. I am sorry you had to go through it again. You and Quinn are in my prayers. I know it will all be okay, it is just tough getting there. :)

edbteach said...

I know how leaving a baby in the NICU feels. It is awful. He is adorable though! Thinking about you and praying for you and your family.


Sarah M. said...

Oh Liz...he's beautiful.

And I'm so sorry :(


Anonymous said...

You did the right thing to deliver the baby ealier than you expected because too much blood loss is not good for you and the baby.Everything happen according to GOD's wish.We have no control.We do our BEST and HOPE for good.Quinn will be fine.

Melissa said...

Hey Liz. Sorry you guys are having those yuckky downs in the NICU. I am keeping you guys in my prayers and hoping baby boy gets to come home soon. I love the picture of Quinn laying on you and you holding your finger. It has to be my favorite picture. He is such a beautiful boy. Super handsome!!!!
Take care and let me know if you need anything at all xoxoxoxo