Friday, October 02, 2009

A few days away

Fun picture of Kaitlyn at our neighbors super duper sudsy fun party (well and Margarita party for the parents)! They put bubbles in the hot tub for the kids to enjoy!

The girls birthday is coming up again. October 4th is around the corner. I CANNOT believe that Kaitlyn is going to be 4 years old!

Today was her last day of Special Education (she is still going to qualify for a 1.5 hour program 2days a week), I kept tearing up the entire day! Her last day of school with an AMAZING teacher that has done so much for Kaitlyn and we celebrated her birthday. I took some great pictures, but just don't have the time to process the pictures at the moment.

Her face broke out with glee as the other kids sang happy birthday to her. It made my heart sing with joy!

Quinn started "walking" today, with the aid of a little push cart/walker toy. Oh my, he was sooo happy with himself! He's become quite the mamas boy lately, gets very upset when mom leaves the room (or the house!) I captured on video, but again, don't have time to edit and post it.

Last night dad and I got all fancy and went to the March of Dimes Celebrity Chef's event in SF. It was very touching and nice, but I got teary eyed listening to the family share their story, all preemie stories are so touching. It was nice to get out and dress up, it's been a long time and the food and wine were just amazing, I've been a bit slow all day today.

Real estate is CRAZY at the moment. It seems to take 3x as much work for every deal. I've had some difficult ones recently that are sucking up my time (time which I don't have anyways). I'm leaving to attend a Women's Council of Realtor Conference in San Jose on the girls birthday, which is heartbreaking to me. We had to move Kaitlyn's birthday the following weekend. My mom will be coming up for it. I feel very guilty. Dad and I are going to celebrate with her tomorrow (as I don't think she'll know the day of the 4th vs the 3rd). But I'm going to have to find time to work, pack, oh and plan her party that I have done NOTHING for.

I'm overloaded and overwhelmed and totally exhausted at the moment, sorry for not posting very often, or with much news...I guess the good news is that the kids are doing really well and remember, I usually post when I'm down and worried about them, I guess that's a good thing right, that they are just being kids and I'm a busy working mom!!!...


Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn, and angel Corrine!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Kaitlyn and Cornie!
It's so amazing how big Kaitlyn is. I saw her skinny in all the posts. Now she is a fat little girl!I am sue she is eating really well.


Shannon and Carey said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn and Corrine!
Happy Birthday sweet girls!
(can you believe how fast these children grow?)
Such an awesome post "far away friend".
Love to you all,
Shannon in Austin

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn and Corrine! Liz, Kaitlyn looks GOOD! She has a thickness to her in that hot-tub picture. She looks like she's gained some weight! :) Is it true?? Yippee! Hug yourself from us today...A LOT has happened in 4 years. Love, Sara, Matt & the girls

Melissa said...

Look at how big she is getting and that smile is gorgeous!!!! I remember the days when you thought she would never smile!!! Haven't been on in awhile to anybody's blogs lately its amazing to see how big she is getting!!! good job mama