Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Best Doctor Visit - EVER

Today was Kaitlyn's 4 year old Doctor Check-up AND we went to the Dentist also.

The day started out great, Kaitlyn was very excited to go to the Dentist and her teeth looked great! She had fun and loved the small dog in the Dentist office and of course the staff loved Kaitlyn. All good reports on her teeth.

Then we were off to see Kaitlyn's regular Pediatrician for her 4 year old check-up (Kaitlyn had already been given a flu shot a month ago) so there weren't going to be any shots involved, but for the first time ever Kaitlyn was fearful of the Doctor and the check up. (at her 3 year old check up she WANTED a shot, which was certainly a bit strange). I actually felt it was good news that she was showing some fear (meaning to me that she doesn't remember all of the horrible things she's had to endure) and that she's doing basic kid normal things.

Kaitlyn is 30 pounds!!! I weighed her the day before her birthday and she weighed in at home at 30.0 pounds, and today, her official doctor weight was a bit more (but with clothes on). Wahooo!! 30 pounds puts her at about 3% on her ACTUAL birthday growth chart. (not the adjusted for her early birth chart).

She is 38.5 inches Tall. That means she's close to 50% for height (not-adjusted chart).

Everything looked and sounded great. I asked the Doc about possibly needing surgery to correct her gtube "hole". Her old g-tube whole looks almost like a 2nd belly button. Poor thing, I can just imaging her as a teenager wearing a bikini getting kid about having 2 belly buttons. I think something will need to be done (and the doc agreed and decided to ask a surgeon, whether it should be done by a plastic surgeon or not and when).

Also one of Kaitlyn's toes is curling under another. I've been paranoid that I had her in too small of shoes or something and the doc said, not it was going to happen no matter what. I guess she's not going to have the cutest toes, but at this point all-in-all, that seems minor. The scars on her arms from her recent crazy bug bites or poison oak episodes that she scratched to bleeding seem to be healing, and the doc felt the scars would go away.

But, I think the most important thing of all, is that Kaitlyn's doctor told me how absolutely incredible Kaitlyn was doing. On the way out, she said to me that she could never, ever have believed that Kaitlyn would be doing so incredibly fabulous for all she's been though, and you know what, I totally think so too. Going into this check-up was a joy. I KNOW she's doing great. I was all smiles. The last 6 months have given my the most amazing little girl I as a mother could ever hope for. So many of my posts over the years have been mom worrying. Mom fighting to find answers. To find help.

My daughter is a miracle and is the most amazing, beautiful, full of life, smart little girl. She has the most wonderful sense of humor, loves to laugh, is one tough little thing and people are drawn to her wherever she goes. I love her more than life itself.

At her IEP from special education she tested in the 4 to 6 year range in many levels (except some of the pragmatic (socialization) skills, but she is doing so very well there too. They said that she likely does have sensory processing issues and in unstructured environments she does go a little haywire (which I know). Her teacher said she's changed so much in the last 6-8 weeks and I totally agree. My amazing, little micro preemie is the most amazing, bring tears to my eye daughter.

But today, which really helped me to realize what's the most important thing in life: Kaitlyn's Doctor and I were emailing each other this afternoon after the mornings Check-up (about my needing to have some breathing medicine on hand for this upcoming winter and her gtube site) and this is what she wrote to me:

"BTW, I just loved my visit with Kaitlyn today. She is delightful. Even though she was fearful, she was able to comply with and become engaged during the check up. To me this reflects maturity in her behavior. I recognize that Kaitlyn's accomplishments are the result of the extraordinary efforts required of her parents, who were willing to step up and do what was needed. She and Quinn are very lucky children!"

I truly think that was the best email I've EVER received. I've known in my heart how hard I've fought for my daughter (and Quinn too) but to know it was noticed by our doctor was really was special to me. I can't change the fact that all of my children were born early, I can't get my daughter back, but I could do everything in my power to help ensure Kaitlyn and Quinn's future. Isn't that a moms job??

Enjoy some great pictures:

Last day of school (Special Ed) last week

Last Day of Special Ed
No eating issues here...

And to think that the package of M&M's was Kaitlyn's FAVORITE gift, boy have we come a long way!
Celebrating her Birthday on October 3rd with Mom and Dad at home
Kaitly's Birthday Celebration at school on her last day

And of course Quinn got in on the celebration too!

Even my little man is growing up too!


McTriplet Mommy said...

Hello! I just started reading your blog - Kaitlin is adorable!! I am the mom of a 23 weeker and 2 26 weekers who just turned 5. Lorne (23 weeker) has a g-tube and he and his brother (Isaac) are both severly visually impaired from ROP. I related to lots of things in your blog!! I nodded along with you talking about the e-mail you received... we can know we're great moms and that we're doing a good job - but to have an "expert" acknowledge it always feels good!

Take care,

Anthony's Mommy said...

Wow! That is just the best news! When i started reading your blog Kaitlin wasn't really eating and she was throwing up a lot and she wasn't talking at all. And now, wow! she's doing fantastic!!! My son Anthony is a 26 weeker and hasn't had to go through as much as kaitlin but we are still battling a significant speech delay. We are in speech therapy and he's making slow progress but i hope one day he'll just start talking to us =-) At least I'm not stressing about it like i use to.

I'm also pregnant with our second. A little girl! In a weird way it feels like my daughter Hailey (anthonys twin that passed) is coming back to us and its really helped me heal in some ways. I just hope for a healthy full term baby.


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO happy for you! That was amazing news and I just knew K would do well! Thanks for the update!!!


Jennifer said...

Liz, this post brought tears to my eyes!! I am SO happy that she is doing so well! That is such a huge deal despite all she's been through in her little life. 30 pounds?? WOW!! That is a giant leap forward in the right direction for your little former 100% tube fed baby!

Way to go, Liz. you deserve a TON of credit for this!!

Anne, Eliza Grace's mom said...

It is great to hear how well Kaitlyn is doing. It is equally good to hear that her doctor credits all of your hard work and dedication!

Carrie said...

I've been quietly reading your blog for a long time now and I am so encouraged by this post! So glad that Kaitlyn is doing well now! My friend's sister experienced PROM at 17 or 18 weeks and is currently at 22 weeks and still pregnant (with about 1cm of fluid around the baby's head). None of her doctors (or even her husband) are supporting her decision to continue the pregnancy so I mentioned your blog to help her out. Thanks for blogging all of this to be there for others who are going through what you experienced.

edbteach said...

This post brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened in Kaitlyn's life mom and dad have major part of it but all the credits go to Kaitlyn because she is super smart. The feeding therapy where Kaitlyn was in is not always very successful with some other kids. Their progress is very slow but kaitlyn is intelligent so she learned fast. How did you solve all her medical problems? She used to vomit a lot when she was at the feeding therapy program. How did you overcome her fear and how she was motivated?
Did she have any trouble of chewing? Kaitlyn looks bigger than 30 pounds.Way to go Liz!

Kristina said...

All such fabulous news. I'm so happy for you all! (And what a great pediatrician you have~!)

Shannon and Carey said...

Oh Liz,
I so wish I could give you all a hug. You have come so far. Look at that huge cupcake she is eating.

Just so happy for you, Kaitlyn and Brian. Oh and Mr. Mighty Quinn. He is growing!!!!!!!

Love to you all,
Shannon in Austin

Anna said...

Hi Liz.

These are such good news. I am writing to ask for advice regarding fever medicine for children who throw up: my 2-yr old vomits oral medications. She has no problem with suppositories, but I have been able to find only a suppository version for tylenol/acetaminophen, called Feverall. Problem is, when she is really sick I need to alternate it with motrin every three hours, and ibuprofen is also what really works best for her. Do you know of any ibuprofen suppository product for children? What antipyretic were you using for Kaitlyn when she used to throw up? Thank you very much.

Tonya said...

wow it is amazing how much Kaitlyn has grown.. she is doing so fab!! I have not been blogging or visiting in ages so this is a big surprise!! I have started a new blog once again so hope to see you around :)

Tonya said...

Hey Liz, Just got your message on my signature creations blog on how much Randie has grown.. that was actually two years ago... lol That blog is no longer active but do have a new blog on the go with updated pictures if you want to check it out..