Saturday, November 07, 2009

It's Fall

Guess it was only a matter of time. This is Kaitlyn's 3 cold this fall so far. This one went directly into her lungs and she has mild bronchitis. Her coughs are just soooo horrible to hear.

Quinn now caught it today too.

At least the last 2 weren't too bad. We are back to doing round the clock breathing treatments and she's on antibiotics. I'm mainly soooo fearful of the swine flu. I've heard of some really horrible stories, a father supposedly passed away who lives near by who was healthy, and a 30 year old former preemie spent 4 weeks on a ventilator in a medically induced coma.

Can you believe that this happened:

Bankers getting vaccines

That wall street bankers are getting H1N1 Vaccines, while children like mine can't find the vaccine? My pediatricians office hasn't gotten any in yet at all.

What are your thoughts?

Oh and another "fall" story:

Oh, and yes, if you see my face book posts (which I am doing MUCH more often than my blogging updates as I'm sure you can tell). Quinn fell out of my car. It was horrible. It was sort of the perfect storm of events that happened, I felt like a horrible mother after wards.

But after another ER visit (we had just left Urgent Care an hour before to check on Kaitlyn's lungs from her last cold). K was very hungry, we stopped to get food, there wasn't any place to sit, so I had both kids, K was having a temper tantrum (from being so hungry) busy parking lot, my carrying Quinn while holding take-out food, his food, my purse, Kaitlyn's had, tried to put K in car, but had to open her car door and as I stupidly put Quinn in his car seat (for just a second) that's in the middle of the car, he got out of his car seat as I sprinted to the other side of the car, to make sure he wouldn't crawl out of the seat he rolled out of the car in front of my eyes before I could get there and onto the pavement.

Stupid mother of the year award I know....sigh.

Thankfully, now 2 weeks later, he no longer has a black-eye and his scratch near his eye is just a bit red still


Kristina said...

So sorry the kiddos are sick. Prayers out to you guys.

I know what you mean about the H1N1 vaccines. When I heard prisoners and terrorists at GITMO were getting the shot, I was pretty mad. BUT...none of them are getting pediatric shots. I think we can only blame the slow process of making vaccines - and the poorly designed government distribution of the vaccine - on that. Why on earth they aren't giving doctor's offices more vaccines so that kids who are TRULY at risk can get the shot, I can only imagine...Kids like yours can't afford to go to a clinic filled with people and germs. And the reasoning for healthy adults to get the shot is pretty ridiculous: So your neighbor, who might be at risk won't get seriously ill. Makes no sense at all, since the healthy neighbor is preventing the at risk neighbor from getting vaccinated.

Shari said...

This is some interesting info about the swine flu. It made me relax a little. It is hard to know who to believe anymore!

Anthony's Mommy said...

I'm in CA too and none of my doctors or my sons dr's had the vaccine. My OB however had a list of heath departments that had it. I waited in line for over an hour but Anthony and I both got our vaccine. We both qualified cause i'm pregnant and he's 3 months premature. I feel much safer now. You might want to look into the clinics and health departments by you.


Molly said...

Im so glad Quinn is ok ! That must have been scary. How can I add you to my facebook? Id love to have you on

liz.mccarthy said...

My facebook page is:


Anna said...

Hi Liz,

It sounds like a lot of people here in the US are disgruntled about the small availability of vaccine. But I have friends and relatives in Europe, and hear from them every week, and let me tell you that we have PLENTY of vaccine compared to many European countries, regardless of what the news say.
In Italy they don't even have enough vaccine for doctors and medical personnel. And they don't give antivirals, because they don't have enough. In Germany they ordered the H1N1 vaccines with adjuvants in all the shots and now they can't give them to pregnant women. Here in CA you may have to check with County Health every few days and then stand on a line for 1-2 hrs, but then our children can get it. My suggestion is to skip the pediatrician's office if he doesn't have it, use local County Health offices, they get a shipment every two weeks or so. And remember that hey need a booster shot after a month.

Lindsay said...

I'm just a stranger that likes to read bogs about other preemies (my daughter was born at 27 wks and I am currently 18 wks preggo with #2), but in order for my daughter and I to get the vaccine we had to go to a health dept clinic...I called ahead of time and they were kind enough to let me get there a little early, before other people filed in. I have a friend who's daughter was also a 27 wk preemie and her health dept came out to her car to administer their shots...I would just call and ask if there was some way to not expose the kiddos to germs. Hope that helped!