Tuesday, August 10, 2010

summer 2010 - Pictures

Loads and loads of pictures!

Neighborhood Camping trip in June wow that's a lot of small kids!

Kaitlyn on camping trip

Kaitlyn drawing up a storm

Dad and Kaitlyn eating ice cream on the "Shore" in Ocean City NJ.

Liz, Quinn and Kaitlyn at wedding Rehearsal Dinner.

Liz and Kaitlyn at ceremony (you'll see that in almost any picture Kaitlyn is ALWAYS holding something)

Liz, Brian, Quinn and Kaitlyn (in a rare all family members present and looking at the camera picture)

Quinn on the Shore (amazing picture)

Cousin Charlotte (flower girl) and Kaitlyn at wedding

Kaitlyn and Quinn on the shore

Cousins DJ, Charlotte and Kaitlyn

Last weekend, all of our kids eating! Normally a picture of kids eating, no big deal! But the moms (not shown in picture) met because of our kids feeding tubes!) (well, 3 of our kids in picture). We got together for a sleep over and had a blast!

Kaitlyn throwing down tacos (she ate the entire one she's holding the other one on the plate and another 1/2!) No kidding! I was so amazed I had to take pictures, others thought I was crazy for being so amazed my child was eating. This was at our neighbors "tack truck" birthday party.

Kaitlyn in one of her "moods" at our neighborhood community party in the park

Quinn in LA last weekend playing at the park.

Kaitlyn and Quinn playing in the park in LA

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