Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brian and King of the Hammers

McCarthy Motor Sports in King of the Hammers 2011

Well this has nothing to do with our kids...except to show where daddy has been for the last few years..

I'm so proud of my husband I had to share:

For all of you who know that Brian’s “hobby” has been building a 4x4 Rock Buggy, well, after 2 years… it’s done!

He entered in the “Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)” for the big King of the Hammers Race in Johnson Valley (down in the LA desert)… and lo and behold he did great and finished…Well he not only finished but he finished #8 out of 120 entrants, VERY IMPRESSIVE…. so he got himself a space in the King of the Hammers race which is Friday.

He built the entire buggy by hand (with a lot of help from his friend Shawn Heywood) but without any sponsors…

This is a REALLY BIG deal.

His brand new-just finished buggy has only been out of the shop 2 times….In all of Brian’s rock crawling “career” he’s probably driven 50 miles (if that…)

His co-pilot for the race (who has also sacrificed a lot of time with his family) is Shawn Heywood…

The King of the Hammers 2011 (2/11/11) is a grueling 120 mile fast race over dessert sand as well as major rocks, boulders, hills… There are exactly 100 entrants in the race. They will leave 2 at a time in 2 minute intervals, one after another and the first over the finish lines wins. Brian’s starting time in the cue is actually quite good (In the top 40 - based on his impressive finish in the LCQ).

It will take them about 12 hours…his goal is to finish, many buggy's tip over, break or any other number of things….be safe boys.

This video clip from the last 2 days of of the LCQ race was just posted and I thought I had to share (it doesn’t include brian in the clip, but it’s worth watching). This video REALLY shows how amazing this race is:

I did attach a few pictures that were taken of Brian’s #415 buggy during yesterday’s LCQ that I found online (I’m home with the kids).

If you want to follow the live feed for the race, it will be here:
Watch by 8:00 am as his start time will be not that long after 8:00am.

Brian doesn’t have a “tracker” chip, so we can’t watch him directly, but you can see the track of the race here (they do 2 loops).

Be safe guys….


Well Brian is home safe and sound, (he was tired and DIRTY), but made it home safely. Heres a picture of hte buggy parked in front of our house.

During the race, Brian's engine cooling fans (even the back up one) both seized up (maybe do to the amazing dust?) so he only made it to mile 18 (of 120). Of the 100 racers, only 44 finished the race. THis is ONE tough race.

The cool thing is that someone took and posted a video of part of his qualifying run, here is the video:


Anonymous said...

Not sure if this is better than going to track days where one rides motorcyles at 170 mph or not! Looks like you don't really need special matching color screws in places no one but a mechanic can see them and at about $3 each, I think) for these 4-wheel things, tho.

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