Wednesday, February 16, 2011

March for Babies 2011

Wow, hard to believe it's that time again...We have been doing the March for Babies Walk now for 5 years!

This year I was honored to be asked to be the California State Family Teams Co-chair!

If you would like to walk with us or donate money to our team, here is the link to do so:
McCarthy Family Team

I created this video for the walk 2 years ago, every time I go back and watch it I remember how amazing my daughter is and how much she has been through.

(and still going through). Last night she want to the hospital to have a chest xray as her crappy lungs just can't handle getting sick. and she has walking pneumonia...

March of Dimes San Francisco Ambassador Family 2009 from lizmccarthy on Vimeo.

Here is a picture of the California State Family Teams Chairs (and me) at our recent Family Teams Retreat in San Francisco.


Laura H said...

Your video really touched me. My daughter was born at 26 weeks at 1 lb 5 oz and 12 1/2 inches long, due to sudden onset of HELLP syndrome. She is now 2 1/2 months old and 5lbs 3oz. She is still in the nicu on the bipap but she is a fighter. Considering the odds against her, she has had little complications. Stage 2 ROP, no brain bleeds, no complications with feedings. I've read through your blog, and it gives me hope at a normal life with her. Thank you.

Preemie Mom said...

I appreciated your comment about when the "real story begins". While time in the NICU is critical and the challenges there are real, eventually the day comes when home is your next stop. While you still have healthcare professionals to call on, you still are on your own with your preemie. In our case, after taking our six week early preemie home and watching his hemoglobin numbers fall, we were told "You knew that he would have to have a blood transfusion, didn't you?" Ooops! First we heard about it. So you are right, the real story for all preemies is the one lived out at home. I trust that all will go well with you and yours.