Sunday, August 28, 2005

Our 1 Year Anniversary

Sunday 8/28/05
Our 1 Year Anniversary

Brian woke me up with a kiss, anniversary greetings and said he was going to the store, he returned bearing beautiful flowers to brighten my room. The remainder of the day time was about like other days, but when I changed rooms and went out onto the couch, Brian asked what I wanted for dinner, and surprised me with a gift bag of goodies, magazines, candy, and other good treats. Because the 1 year anniversary is “Paper”, he bought a whole bunch of lottery tickets and scratchers, unfortunately, I only one $1, but it was so thoughtful of him.

Best of all, he wrote the most amazing card to me. Wow, it just blew me away. It was 3 pages long and said how much he loved me, that he couldn’t’ wait for me to be the mother of his children and that he was amazed about how tough I was through this whole ordeal. He recounted so many of the great trips we’ve gone on together (which is funny, as I did the same thing in my card to him). I snuck off the bed when he was at the store to get a blank card from the office so at least I’d have something to give him for our day.

So hard to believe that 1 year ago we were in Lake Tahoe, celebrating our vows with family and friends. I certainly hadn’t expected this first year of marriage to be like this, nor had I imagined that I’d be stuck in bed to celebrate the day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,
Rest now as much as you can because you'll NEVER REST AGAIN!!! HA! Any mother can tell you the same.
As for SAVE we are all pulling for you and I think I need to advertise your place on the Board since you no longer live in Town. It's a SA organization and the SR Volunteer coordinator (Cory Bytoff) is a friend of mine and would LOVE to have you working with HIM. He does some really neat things. Right now my friend Brian Auger is looking for people to volunteer for their downtown "eating out" you can see that they are VERY active there too. We will all still love you and will check in with your "blog" and keep you updated on all our stuff.
We're "holding our thumbs" as they say in french, and will get back to you soon.

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both. I remember all those wonderful pictures of your wedding. Get those out and look at them again, they were great!