Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Best Valentines Day Present Ever

Hard to believe that Brian and I were engaged 2 years ago on February 12th. Yesterday was Kaitlyn's first Valentines Day. Here are some new pictures of our little Valentine!

Look mom, no feeding tube!!! We wanted to take some pitures without the tube in and we wanted to see if Kaitlyn would do better (no vomiting) without the tube in her throat gagging her so we took it out for a few feeds. She actually did GREAT, and ate 2 whole feeds on her own (still with some vomit however), but then at night time she was too tired and we had to put it back in this morning. It was so nice to look at her and be able to pick her up without the tube hanging and getting caught on things.

Kaitlyn loves to wave her arms around in the air.

Tummy time with our cutie. Kaitlyn neck seems really strong to us already, but we don't know when babies would normally start holding up their heads. She again is technically 6 weeks old (even though she was born 4.5 months ago) .

Tummy time in color - ok, maybe I'm fairly partial, but isn't she the cutest baby ever!

Her head starts to shake with all her exertion of holding it up. While I was taking these still shots, Brian was videoing the moment.

I think this picture of my sweet husband shows how happy we are. We are both smilling and laughing at our daughter as we watch her hold her head up. My eyes are filled with tears now as I type this, thinking of how happy we are to have our daughter home with us.

Dad holding his little girl

Kaitlyn and Dad bonding on the couch. While we were at the hospital, Brian kept saying to me that he couldn't wait until he could hold our little peanut and just snuggle with her. She loves to sleep on his chest. See how she is gripping his shirt? Her little bottom and feet are just too cute.


Jodi from PROM said...

No it's not because you're partial, She really IS the cutest baby ever!!!! My eyes filled with tears too as I saw Brian's happiness while doing the video. I know exactly how you time as I gazed at Anthony while I was holding his tiny body in my hands, the NICU nurse said to me, "you look like you're in love". I thought, "you have no idea!"

Thanks so much for the March of Dimes donation. Maybe next year you and Kaitlyn will be ready to do your own walk (In honor of Corinne)? However, check out their website, you can make a "virtual nameband" with their names on them and your friends/family can go online to donate in honor/memory of them.

:) Jodi from PROM

Billie said...

I have to agree that she certainly is ONE of the cutest babies ever! Love the pictures of her holding her head up. My girls didn't do that until they were around 5 months adjusted age! I think it's a good sign...

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures of all of you! Home seems to be agreeing with Kaityln and it is great to see all of you relaxed at home. She is a beautiful little girl...Love Nancy

Sue Tuxill said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You finally have your new baby at home with you. What great news.

She is beautiful and holds her head up really well. Brandon can not do that yet.

We're so happy for you!

Sue & Doug

Anonymous said...

She's so sweet:)

I'm so happy she's home with you and Brian:)

Looking forward to hearing future updates on Kaitlyn's progress:)

Logan's mom