Friday, February 24, 2006

2 weeks home


Just wanted to write a new entry real quick – obviously with Kaitlyn home I seem to have less time to write in my blog. But I think that has more to do with the fact that I’m working again.

Kaitlyn has been home now for 2 weeks! Wow, so hard to believe, the time is really flying by. I can imagine now when so many of you had said enjoy the time when they are still so tiny, as they grow so fast!

At Kaitlyn’s pediatrician appointment yesterday, she is up to 7 pound 8 ounces. However, she only gained 3 ounces this week, so they decided to increase how much milk she is getting, so she is now up to 85 cc’s (she was 75 cc’s). That’s no fun, as it means more milk to gavage (feeding tube) for mom and dad. Sadly, her intake of milk via nipple really hasn’t gone up all that much. Sometimes we think she’s turned a corner and does great for ¾ of a day, then it’s back to her not wanting to eat. I just fed her and she only took 20 ccs by nipple and then I had to gavage the rest.

Thank goodness the projectile vomiting seems to have subsided. At one of her big vomits she pushed out the feeding tube so I pulled it all the way out (easier to give her a bath with it out, and easier to tape on her cheek when it’s clean so the tape doesn’t come off easily). After we put the tube back in this time, however, the vomiting changed to more regular baby spit up vomit. It wasn’t emptying her whole stomach contents across the room like before. Maybe it was just the placement of the tube in her stomach. Back at the hospital when she was doing the same thing and we changed the nostril that the tube was in made a difference. Now it seems more likely that it was just the placement of the tube within her stomach that actually made the difference.

It’s frustrating though that she isn’t really improving. We had so hoped that her being home would make her want to eat more, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Kaitlyn hasn’t been doing very well with breast feeding. I think she’s gotten too used to the nipple from the bottle, which is often times the case with preemies. Besides the fact that if I breast feed I have no idea of how much she gets and it is so important that she get regular volume of milk/fortifier so she can grow.

My mom (Corinne) is coming to visit with Kaitlyn today for the first time since she left the hospital. She is sooo excited! I can just imagine when she first walks in the door. It brings a smile to my eyes. My mom recently donated a plaque in honor of Kaitlyn's sister - Corinne Margaret, at a foundation she volunteers at. It’s so sad that my mother’s namesake isn’t here with us. My mom owns a uniform costume company in Southern California and her staff threw her a "grandma shower" yesterday as a surpirse! My mom was so touched she called me crying. She is just so excited to finally be a grandmother (or Nana as she wants to be called). She has been so incredibly supportive (both emotionally and financially) to us with all of our trying times - we are jokingly calling her Kaitlyn's primary investor!

Yesterday, Brian brought Kaitlyn into bed with me in the morning and we had a little family snuggle. It was soooo incredibly nice to have her home with us. We all feel asleep. However, I did get sad, thinking of what it would be like to have Corinne, there with us too. All 4 of us taking a nap. I miss Kaitlyn’s sister incredibly.

The day before, I came back home from working and Brian had just laid Kaitlyn down on our bed with him. All 3 of us took a quick nap. These are things that we missed out on so much while we were at the hospital. It’s so nice to have her home.

We are finally getting into the swing of things. Between: defrosting my milk for Kaitlyn, fortifying it with preemie formula powder, pumping, eating, washing her vomit covered burp cloths and clothes, eating, sleeping, and my working on top of it all, we are getting the hang of being new parents.


Amy said...

I found breast-feeding to not be the optimal situation for the same reason. I was always second-guessing if they were getting enough, etc. So I just wound up pumping most of the time. It is so important for babies like Kaitlyn and Brayden, who were born at low birth weights, to get enough milk.

I hope you and Brian can stay in bed and snuggle with her all weekend long (between defrosting, diapers, baths, feedings, etc.) I know Corrine is looking down at all of you and smiling that she and her sister are so loved.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz!
I just got back from my first drive to PV with my girls and thought of you. One day you will do it to Kaitlyn & Corinne's Nana's! wasn't too bad. The weather was chilly early last week then it got warm from Thursday. Soon enough you will do the I-5 drive!
Ohh the projectile vomiting. It's terrible. I think I went through it for 4-5 months! The worst was when a few times they were facing me and WRAAAHH! all over me! Face, hair you name it. LOL!! I was soo know how rare it is to have a shower whenever you want let alone need! I just want to say one upside to the big feeds and even the vomiting, just remember their stomach is getting stretched out bigger to take in more...they might throw up time and again from an increased feed but their stomach is bigger to take a little more.
You look busy and the photos of her at home are great I Laughed out loud at the fridge and L'il Miss K playing with sharp objects! Brian has a great sense of humour! I think we were too tired and serious to even joke like that. I am happy you have such a wonderful husband to make you laugh like that! Such a saving grace to the daily routine!
Lots of love and hope to talk to you soon!
xxxLisa Haugen

Michelle Flannagan said...

Hi Liz- sounds like you all are getting into the swing of having Miss Kaitlyn at home. I'm glad to hear the projectiles have stopped, and that you think you have an explanation for them.

Hopefully you will get to snuggle lots and lots, it really is one of the best things ever. Take care, Michelle

Jodi from PROM said...

I agree with Amy, breastfeeding may not be the way to go for you. I personally was very hung up on it and it caused me much anxiety and stress. After several months, I finally gave up and pumped exclusively. Once I was able to get over my "mental need" to breastfeed, I was much more relaxed for feeding times and enjoyed it more. It also freed up a little time since like you, I was back to work.

So, it's okay not to breastfeed! You're still giving her that great milk.

:) Jodi from PROM

Julie DeRuvo said...

Hi Liz,
You have been on my mind alot in the past few days -- just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you guys and hoping all was well.

Hang in there - Just remember there will always be good days & better days (and occasionally a bad day here & there! ;) )

Hugs to all of you,