Monday, March 06, 2006

Even worse today

Well, after my early m0rning post, things have gotten much worse with Kailan, our dog. She now can hardly even walk, she seems to have lost the movement or strength in one leg overnight and Brian is having to carry her out to go, (which is all the time becuase of her liquid diarrhea problem) - what a good dog she is, she has never once gone in the house, poor thing. My heart is just aching right now. Neither Brian nor I can stop crying.

We are making arrangements so that she won't have to suffer any longer. Brian and I like talking about Corinne and Kaitlyn being together and playing and watching over Miss Kaitlyn.

This is the first time I've asked, "why me?" I am a believer in good things happening to good people.


Anonymous said...

I am very very sorry for this terrible series of losses. You are in my prayers. -E (another micropreemie mom).

liz.mccarthy said...

This was a nice email from a friend of mine from college in Santa Barbara, I though it was touching and thought I should post it here.

"I read your blog very often, you are really amazing that you can deal with all you've had to deal with, and still keep us all posted on your lives. i think about you guys a lot. i was talking to browning the other day and we were talking about how strong you are and how sometimes very challenging things happen to the strong people who can handle them. when you ask "why me?", perhaps it's because you are the best parents that Kaitlyn can have, and she is in the best hands she can be in. i don't have any answers for you regarding your poor doggie, i really feel for you guys. you've had a lot of misery and you really don't deserve it. just know you're in my thoughts and prayers.

thank you for writing and posting all the pictures, Kaitlyn is so cute!!"

Julie DeRuvo said...

Liz & Brian,
All I can say is I am just soo sorry!
Please remember that you remain in all of our prayers!
Take care of yourselves!
Julie, Joe, Bella & Elizabeth