Monday, March 06, 2006

Mount Vesuvius and a tough decision

Well, our little Mount Vesuvious (aka - Kaitlyn) is quite a vomit queen. We've really had our hands full with her, trying to get more milk to stay in before it erupts out.

Just a quick post with some pictures and tell you our really sad news.

Last night, Brian and I made the extremely tough decision that we don't think there is anything more we can do for our dog Kailan. I went to bed with tears running down my cheek and am crying again as I type this. She's been sick now for so many months, we've tried everything, including expensive surgery, but she is just not getting any better, and for the last 2 weeks seems to have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. She is so skinny, it just breaks my heart to see her. We don't want her to suffer and want her to be as comfortable as possible, so it's probably going to be time to have to put her down. Oh my.

Brian has had Kailan since she was a puppy. She's now 12 years old. She has became so dear to me, since I've been with Brian, she's become sort of my dog, as she follows me around the house everywhere, and Brian always says that she seems more excited when I come home then when he does. She has been such a good dog, this is such a tough decision. We wanted Kaitlyn to grow up to meet and and play with her. She was our true first child.

I like to think that Corinne and Kailan will be able to play together in heaven.

We have quite a few doctor appointments this week:

-Kaitlyn has to get her 2nd Synygis shot tomorrow (to ward off RSV). Again these shots are around $1500 each, and she has to get them every month during the winter months this year and next.

-A developmental specialist is coming to our house on Wed for EI (early intervention) preemies
tend to have developmental issues, and it's important to try to catch them as soon as possible. I'm really looking forward to this, so we can see how she is doing.

-On Thursday she has a follow-up eye appointment to check on the status of her ROP (eye disease for premature babies which can cause blindness). If you will recall, she had eye surgery while she was still in the NICU. I'm not sure at this point if the eye doc will be able to start telling if K will need glasses.

- On Thursday she also has a GI appointment and hopfeully a feeding specialist appointment also. She is NOT doing well as far as feeding goes. Besides the on and off vomiting (usually on), she is not wanting to nipple much at all on her own any more. This is very, very troubling. It's far from getting better, it's really getting worse.

I've been fairly busy with real estate the last week or so, I'm really having to get back into work, as a lot of the child care duties have been falling on Brian. We trade off at taking the night shifts.

Last Thursday Kaitlyn weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces. She is now 2 months old adjusted, or 5 months since she was born. (This means she should be acting like a 2 month old baby to put things into perspective). Most 2 month old babies weigh well past 10 pounds. I think 2 month old babies should be smiling (Kaitlyn isn't yet). The developmental meeting on wed will be interesting to see how she is doing.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Well, Dad says she gets it from me, but Kaitlyn has a really good pout already. Look at the lower lip! She doesn't smile yet, but she sure knows how to pout!

Kaitlyn in non-preemie clothes and in her swing

Look at the fireman's daughter!

This is what Kaitlyn looks like when she's "eating". The milk is in the tube taped to her bouncy seat (the bouncy seat is a life-saver when it comes to feeding her). She is draped in burp cloths ready for the inevitible eruption. And thankfully at this time she's asleep (enough time for me to get the camera). Normally she starts getting really agitated, which is signs of trouble "brewing." I sure wish I could be a "typical" mom and just roll over, grab my daughter, put her to my breast and then go back to sleep. No. this is what we deal with every 4 hours. It's tough.

Look at those cheeks. She doesn't look like a preemie any more.

A very happy dad about to take the night off and go to a hockey game with his fire man buddies.

My mom Corinne, visiting Kaitlyn for the first time since she's been home. My mom couldn't get enough of holding her grand-daughter.

Brian talking to his sister (aka Aunt Elissa) on the phone in front of the beautiful tulips she sent to celebrate Kaitlyn's home coming.

When Brian and I took Kaitlyn to UCSF a few weeks ago for the urology test, it was a beautiful day in the city and we were on the 6th floor. Just thought all those folks from all over the world might like to see a bit of San Franciso on a clear winter day.

This picture shows Marin (the hills on the other side of the bay, which is where we live).

Mom, holding Kaitlyn's car seat.

Ok, I think you can better understand how sick our dog, Kailan is in this picture. She is shaved from the surgery she had over a month ago. Every single rib and bone is showing. I liked this picture, as she was laying under neath Kaitlyn, protecting her. I think it's Kailan that needs protecting right now. She just breaks my heart. I can't type this for the tears in my eyes.

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HHH said...

I feel for you having to deal with the NG tube in Kaitlyn's nose and all the throwing up.... but it DOES get better. We had the tube for about a month before we got hallie's G button, and slowly but surely the throwing up has stopped. She has only thrown up once in 2-3 weeks... she is now 13 months old... like i said , slowly gets better.... but it gets there!