Monday, March 27, 2006

sooo frustrating

Well, we showed up at 8am this morning at the hospital (for Kaitlyn's 9 am scheduled surgery) to be told by the surgeon that there had been a big mistake made and that Kaitlyn can't be readmitted to the NICU (during RSV season). I assumed they had verified that, (as had the surgeon). so basically, we had to scramble around and try to feed her (we were at the hospital without her feeding apararuts as we were planning on going in to surgery). She hadn't eating since 3am and was extremely upset (tried to breast feed - forget that idea).

The problem is also that the Pulmonary doctor was also scheduled to be there to check out Kaitlyn's paralyzed vocal chords when she was under, so I'm not sure where things stand with that. What a bummer.

I went down to the NICU to get another feeding tube and started crying when I saw one of the docs there.

Now that we have to have the surgery had a different campus, we will be spending the night, so we hurriedly drove the 20 miles back home to get our stuff and will shortly leave again for the city to try again.

I couldn't sleep all night, due to nerves about the surgery, as much as I want it, I'm scared shitless. She vomited like crazy yesterday, it was so frustrating. When I pulled out her tube this morning before we left for the hospital, I was so happy to finally forever be removing the tape on her poor cheek and the terrible tube. Then we had to go and put it back in again.

Well, we are about to leave to drive the 2o miles back to the city again.

Also, they informed us that they won't have room in the PICU there, that she will be on the main floor. That's scary to me.


Amy said...

Bless your heart. It just seems never-ending, doesn't it. Still praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is very traumatic. I hope everything goes well for you. -E (25 weeker mom)

Stacy said...

Praying for you guys and a smooth surgery.

Stacy - mom to Tanner & Morgan (27 weekers)

JP said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm praying for you all...

HHH said...

wishing you luck! Life does get easier, promise!

Sarah said...

Oh for the love of... *hugs* Hope everything went well. Re. no PICU beds - we were equally paranoid when we had Shoshanna in for a couple of overnight pulmo/reflux tests. It was fine - they're careful to put the recently-released preemies in rooms with kids who aren't contagious, and we just stuck to our room (and away from the other kids) as much as we could.

julie deruvo said...

Oh Liz -- My dear friend...
It is never ending for you and Brian, to say that you have been given a handful is an understatement! I pray that Kaitlyn's surgery went well and that she will have a quick recovery.

I apologize for not being in touch -- I have also been sick, going on 3 weeks now, but don't hesitate to call upon me if you need anything.

Sending you loving thoughts & prayers!
God Bless all of you!