Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pictures finally!

Sometimes Blogger is really difficult to upload pictures, I've been trying for a few days now, but I can't seem to upload any more, maybe I'll try in another post...

It is supposed to be a big "No-No" to have Kaitlyn (and preemies) in exersausers or Door way jumpers (it's supposed to be bad for their needs, hips and growing joints), but as you can see her legs don't even reach the bottom! She's just started liking it a bit, and we are using it very rarely, but it's fun for Kaitlyn to be upright

Look at those tiny feet! so cute!

This was from our incredibly HOT day this week when Brian, Kaitlyn and I escaped to the mall and a restaurant for dinner and Margaritas. Look at our big girl, she's really growing!

Some long-awaited eye contract with my daughter.

With Dad, getting a little upset. Look at her little purple hair clip (this was a purchase on the Mall walk - it didn't really stay in her hair, but it sure was cute!)

No Kaitlyn's not walking yet (or standing or sitting on her own), but it sure looks like she's taking a quick little step across the table in this picture with dad.

A close-up - Kaitlyn and her dad sure do look alike!

This picture was from 4th of July weekend!

OK, this is the "wild-life" in our back-yard. We have 3 mamma turkeys and many, many little baby turkeys. Now they don't live in our backyard, but they've taking a liking to eating the plumbs on our trees. Can you see the dirt mounds they are standing on? These are the mole hills - we have a horrible mole problem in our back-yard that has become Brian's downfall.


Jenny said...

what a cutie! she really is getting big!!

Shannon said...

Awwww, adorable!!!!!!