Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some more pictures..

Sometimes Kaitlyn is actually "smiley" I was able to catpure some smiles the other day while she was climbing on the couch.

Even with a runny nose she was smiling and giggling!
When Kaitlyn was sleeping earlier this week (while she was sick) I found her like this in her crib. I think being on her belly helped with the congestion. Maybe she sticks her butt up in the air to get off her feeding button. It was too funny, I had to grab my camera. And this is a good example of what happens when she vomits, no matter how much I cover the bed with waterproof sheets/towels, she always ends up vomiting on the clean sheets, just out of range of the towels. (Yes that's her feeding tube snaking out of the picture.)

At a Christmas gathering with my dad...She's starting early with her beer drinking preferences!
More pictures of Kaitlyn with the fridge magnets.

Kailtlyn LOVES to take off my glasses. I've discovered that if you put them on her she breaks out with a big grin!

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Kristin said...

I love the pics, Liz! Not so loving the beer choice ;-) Nice standing you have going on there, Miss K. Come teach Presleigh that trick so I can stop holding her hands to do it please :-)

liz.mccarthy said...

It's Brian's beer choice of course! :)

Lisa said...

My dd sleeps like that, too, when she is congested! I thought she is just weird but maybe it feels better that way?

Your daughter is a cutie pie!

Kim said...

The pictures of Kaitlyn smiling made my arms get goose bumpy--she has an amazing smile and I am glad she is showing it off more! I love the standing, too. She'll be stable soon and then off and running!

And if Kaitlyn is ever in our neck of the woods, Stacey would love to share a Guiness with her. Does she do Black & Tans? They are Stacey's specialty :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted you to know I was out here. I saw you had over 50 comments on the post I should be leaving this under. I found your blog awhile back when I was doing an internet search. I think I typed "NEC NICU" anyway it took me to one of your post. I have been reading since. I had my little girl Nov.20, 2005. Her due date was Jan.11. She was a "Feeder and a Grower" until she came down with NEC. She is doing great now. Some feeding issues, small for her age you know the normal stuff. I understand about the fireman being away for 24 hours at a time. I am married to one as well.

Charlotte, NC

Shannon and Carey said...

Great pics Liz. The smiles are precious. Her red hair is just beautiful. I like her little smock dress too.
Shannon :)

Stacy said...

Love the pics, Liz! She is absolutely stunning when she smiles.

My Morgan sticks her butt up in the air when she sleeps, too. To me, it's just adorable.

sarahfurlough said...

Kaitlyn looks so beautiful, her smile is breathtaking!

trish said...

great pictures liz! we have a picture of gavin w/a can of guinness about that age too! i especially like the ones of kaitlyn in your glasses and standing by the fridge. glad to hear the milk situation is looking good too.

love ya,

Momma Monkey said...

Oh my gosh !! That smile :) Whatta heart breaker !!

She is getting so big !!

We're a Newcastle family around here ;)

Jen said...

Oh she looks so sweet and so smiley! What a beauty - my Kaitlyn also loves to sleep with her butt in the air- so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hello: I found this blog through another blog that I read (Holland & Eden). I just wanted to comment on what a wonderful mom (& dad) you are to your precious little girl - she is beautiful.
Kelly in Canada

Sarah said...

Tell Kaitlyn that if she really wants to enjoy her Guiness, she should *drink* it rather than taking it via her feeding tube. Maybe that will serve as motivation! ;^)

Love the smiles. Oh, and Shoshanna often sleeps with her butt up in the air, too.

Anonymous said...


you and Kaitlyn look like you are both having fun in the 'rip of the glasses' game....heartwarming!

kim cantin

Shannon said...

She has a GORGEOUS smile!

Anonymous said...

Liz - Your daughter is gorgeous! I am so happy to see she is thriving and you guys are surviving! I used to live in Marinwood and see you around so I would follow your story.

Take care - and wahtever you are doing seems to be working!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz & Brian,
I've just found your blog through Holland & Eden's blog... I had twin girls born at 30 weeks, 4 days in June of 2005. They suffered from TTTS as well as IUGR. Meredith Grace weighed 4lbs, and Courtney Faith weighed 1lb, 12oz. Courtney spent 9 weeks in hospital, and Meredith spent 5 months in the NICU. I just wanted to say that you have a strong, adorable daughter, and I think she has strong, wonderful parents. We live in Ontario, Canada. Best wishes for 2007 to all of you!

V said...

I haven't been reading blogs for a while so how lovely to catch up and see all these lovely smiley pictures! She is gorgeous and I am glad to see that there is still so much good in the world with all the wonderful offers of milk you have had.
Lots of love.