Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pictures from Kaitlyn's kidney test

Here are a few pictures (taken from my cell phone) from Kaitlyn's kidney test. She is completely strapped down, at this point, she wasn't crying, but the "calm" didn't last long.
Dad was nice enough to come to the hospital and help, even though he was at work.
When I pulled these pictures off my phone, I found the following picture that I forgot I had taken. This is a picture of Melissa, Caitlin and Dillon. They live in Southern California and I was able to meet Melissa and her children last November when she gernously donated some milk to Kaitlyn. Melissa too lost a twin from prom (water breaking). Her sweet Angel Madilyn is watching over her sister Caitlin. Caitlin was born at 24 weeks and is doing very well. Melissas blog is linked to the right.
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Jenny said...

liz...look at this.. you can help K walk without touching her hands!!

Anonymous said...

Hi- I just read that Kaitlyn has been on long-term antibiotics. She is in desperate need of a probiotic to counterbalance its effects.

Its sold at normal drugstores over the counter and doesn't take away from the antibiotic's efficacy. Ask a pharmacist or your doc (mine never offered but knew all about it when I asked)! In short, it adds "good" bacteria back into the digestive system and can be described as a yogurt with 50,000 times more potency.

The brand we used when our micropreemie had a sinus infection (and antibiotics) was Culturelle.It comes in a pill you can open and mix. Whole Foods sells a mega-potent type that's $5 a pop, but its amazing!

Do the energy healers know about this long-term use? If you have to you have to, but it wreaks havoc on digestion and immunity and you will see RESULTS with the probiotic. -E