Saturday, January 06, 2007

A sad day...

I fellow online blog mom has had such a horrible sadnes..

Jennifer (who lives in Pennsylvania) delivered triplets, and sadly, all three have now passed.

Christoper lived for 28 minutes
Alexander lived for 11 days
Emily - just passed away yesterday and lived for 5 months.

Emily was such a tough, sweet little baby, but sadly her extrememe prematurity took her life also.

Premature birth is such a sad awful thing...

Please send your prayers and wishes to Emily's parents: Jennifer and Tony

Here's a link to their blog:

I like to think of Corinne playing with all the other angel babies like Chistopher, Alexander and now Emily up in heaven. They didn't get a chance to live with us here on earth for very long....but they can be toghether and play for ever. All of the little babies that are so terribly missed by their parents.

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Anonymous said...

Liz. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. I can not comprehend this. I pray for this family.