Friday, April 20, 2007

Help prevent premature births...

Kaitlyn McCarthys' holding her angel sister Corinne's hand on the day they were born. Together for the last time.

Kaitlyn a few days after she was born, wearing dads wedding ring on her foot

Kaitlyn on Halloween, 2005

Kaitlyn Today

Can you believe that it's been a year already since Kaitlyn first came home from the hospital and we walked last year to help prevent Premature Births and birth defects? Last year I rose just over $2,000!

Before my life changed forever in 2005, I saw pictures of tiny babies born so early and said "wow, they are so tiny," and then went about my day. My life changed when I gave birth to my twin daughters 13 weeks early on 10/4/05. They each only weighed 1.5 pounds. As you know, our first born Corinne didn't have amniotic fluid for 10 long weeks and sadly her lungs didn’t develop and she died in my arms 3 hours after she was born. Kaitlyn today continues to suffer from the lasting effects of being born so early. After spending 4 months in the NICU, she had an additional 200 doctor and therapy visits for the first year of her life. She is doing extremely well now for how sick she was, but she is still fed 100% with a feeding tube, wears glasses, has a paralyzed vocal chord from a heart surgery when she was 4 days old and is socially quite delayed.

Please help us Walk to Save Babies:

Well it's that time again. I feel very strongly about the cause to help save premature births. I'm "lucky" as I know why I delivered my babies so early (my problems were caused from an amnio gone wrong); But many, many perfectly healthy women go into labor early every year and have no idea why.

The March of Dimes has made the prevention of Premature Births their largest campaign in helping prevent Birth Defects. Premature birth is the #1 cause of newborn death. It has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S., endangering the lives of more than half a million babies. And it's growing at an alarming rate. That's why we need you to participate in Walk America.

2 Ways to help:

Walk with us: We'd love to have you walk with our "Family Team" in names of both of our twin daughters, Kaitlyn and Corinne McCarthy. If you can’t walk with us, please help support our walk by making a donation in name of our daughters’.

Premature birth can happen to any pregnant woman, and no one knows why. The March of Dimes is in the midst of a multi-year, multimillion-dollar campaign to address this growing problem. With your support, the March of Dimes can continue to fund research and programs to prevent premature birth and other threats to babies' health.

Walk Details:
Saturday 4/27
9:00 at Chrissy Field in San Francisco
Meeting spot: 8:30 in front of the Sports Basement Store

email Liz if you'd like to walk with us so we can arrange to meet
To register to walk with our team, click here:
Walk with the McCarthys

Donate to March of Dimes:
If you are unable to walk with us but would like to make a donation in honor of Kaitlyn and Corinne, please click here:
Donate in name of Kaitlyn and Corinne

You can also donate by sending a check to me directly:
Make the check out to March of Dimes
and then email me for my home mailing address:

Thank you in advance for your support, and remember, you can always check in on Kaitlyn’s progress here on my blog.


Mark Robinson said...

Hi Liz -

Wow, what you experienced w/ Corinne is incredible. I'm a recently appointed grandfather who loves children, and could not bear to think about something happening to my angel. It's inspiring how you've managed to be as motivated as you are, and willing to help others to do the same.



Laura said...

our walks are coming soon aren't they?
we are working hard on our teamdaniel fundraising too.
it6 is a lot of work but like you we are committed given our experiences with our amazing children.
my daniel and your sweet girl share so much in common (delays, g-tube/feeding issues, paralyzed vocal cords, etc) someday we should try to meet so you can see potentials for her a few years down the road.

Laura said...

Kaitlyn is making excellent progress. She has come a long way in the last few months. I do not live in the United States but I did donate $20 towards your walk. Good luck :)