Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kaitlyn eating WOW!!!!


sarahfurlough said...

Liz: I got tears in my eyes when I saw this, it is just amazing!

I read your post, and I feel your anguish, I know you miss Corrinne immensely, and I know your heartache. It's not fair to have to go through this, and I often struggle with my wn grief- you are not alone!

I am sorry that Miss K is behind, but I am so encouraged by her progress on all fronts. I am so happy that you were finally able to hear her sweet voice, and that she is also communicating through signs as well.

I am sending lots of hugs your way, hang in there!

Sarah said...

Holy cow, Liz, that's AMAZING! She's totally casual about it... "Yeah, I guess I'll eat these pears... what's the big deal, mom?" :^D

Also, I adore the four little ponytails.

Kim said...

Add me to the list of people who got teary watching this. What a wonderful development for Kaitlyn!

Ava was watching the video over my shoulder, doing the sign for "eat" and saying "more." Pretty cool to have those words aimed at Katie!

Kristin said...

YAHOOOO! And me too with the tears of happiness.

One thing I learnt in our OT with the aversions was, they will eat when they are hungry. I know its hard when you want to have a schedule, but if you can put it off a bit every day to ensure her hunger, I wager in no time she will be doing more and more of this. Besides, she's a smarty pants, she will get it figured out, especially if it tastes good. :-)

Momma Monkey said...

Oh my, I am such a sap when really bad video of a baby I don't even *know* makes me cry :)

She looks like she's a natural !!

I cannot beleive how quickly she is 'jumping' forward !! What an inspiration for my own preemie daughter !!

Melissa said...

Ahhhhhhh I am lierly crying right now. I am so so proud of her. She was eating like a pro. You guys ahve fought so hard to get here and I am so happy for you guys!!!
Way to go Kaitlyn!!!!! Love ya!!!!

Jenny said...

OH LIZ!!! My goodness that is SO awesome! the prayers i haev been saying for her are working! keep going Kaiti you are doing great!

I am crying big happy, joyful tears rigth now! live this is awesome! she's a natural eater now!

wow...SOMEONE PLEASE PINCH ME!! this has GOT to be a dream!

Christie said...

oh my goodness, I can not believe what i just saw! Through all your hardwork, trials and tribulations, finally things are coming together the way that you hoped for. The way all your readers hoped for. I feel your joy at that moment. :)

Anonymous said...


Liz -- happy day. You've really helped nuture her progress...and there is so much progress. I am proud of you 'sista.

love kim (miller) cantin

Billie said...

WOW Liz! I woulda been happy with how cute she is in her ponytails and glasses, but to see her actually coming forward to take a bite??? That's AMAZING!

Keep up the good work!